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Tulga Games Purchases 'Horizons' From Artifact Entertainment

by Judy on Sept. 24, 2004 @ 6:06 p.m. PDT

Artifact Entertainment’s CEO and Creative Director, David Bowman, said, “Tulga Games has made a very exciting offer to purchase the assets of Artifact Entertainment. This offer has been agreed to by our secured creditors and, pending approval of the court, or a superior offer, we will accept Tulga’s offer.”

Tulga Games’ Managing Member, Chris Tulumello, said, “The two companies have reached agreement, pending approvals.” Continued Mr. Tulumello, “Tulga Games is very committed to Horizons the game and Horizons the brand. When this sale is approved, I will make certain there is team continuity through the entire process. The Artifact Entertainment team produced an excellent product, and knows it best.” Regarding the future of Horizons, Mr. Tulumello said, “Tulga Games believes in the longevity and endurance of Horizons: The Empire of Istaria. This is tremendous asset, with great long-term player potential. Everyone involved wants to see Horizons continue to grow in the coming years and feels, quite simply, that it is wonderful game. Tulga Games, as a company, and I personally, are very proud to be associated with Horizons: Empire of Istaria.”

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