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Hot Rod: Garage to Glory

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Genre: Racing

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'Hot Rod: Garage to Glory' Ships To Stores

by Judy on Sept. 27, 2004 @ 1:47 p.m. PDT

"Hot Rod: Garage to Glory is the ultimate drag racing game for hot rodding enthusiasts," said Scott Zerby, vice president of ValuSoft. "Building the perfect dream machine is limited only by a player's imagination, with all of the tools, parts and upgrades to design the dragster that will tear up the strip."

"The tremendous success of the first game was a clear indicator that hot rodding and the Hot Rod brand were in demand," said Sean Holzman, SVP of Sales and Marketing, PRIMEDIA Enterprises, the worldwide brand licensing division for PRIMEDIA, Inc. "ValuSoft has done a great job in developing this game in conjunction with our editors to provide a fun, exciting and true-to-life experience."

Hot Rod: Garage to Glory is as real as it gets. Gamers grind grease and work up a sweat as they custom build the meanest machine on the strip. From the scrap heap to the winner's circle, the race is on to build the hot rod of their dreams.

The game challenge begins with 40 classic and sport compact hot rods - gamers buy new and used engines, chassis and body parts, to weld, scrape, bolt, polish and paint the perfect dream machine, starting from scrap to slamming to sizzling. Gamers' street-smart dragsters will be ready to smoke the strip after they hunker down in the garage with wrenches and hot rodding know-how. Their customized speed machine is created with powerful extras including custom paint jobs and decals.

The action is non-stop with real life breakouts, reaction time, dial-ins and disqualifications. The stakes are high - gamers punch the accelerator in grueling Grudge Matches to earn cash for more upgrades. Gamers then take their smokin' machines to Hot Rod's "Pump Gas Drag" events to win it all and be featured in all of their glory on the virtual cover of Hot Rod Magazine.

Published by PRIMEDIA, Hot Rod Magazine is the world's largest and most influential automotive performance publication reaching more than seven million readers per month.

"Hot Rod: Garage to Glory enables us to bring the hot rodding experience to a new audience of car enthusiasts on their home computers," said Ira Gabriel, publisher of Hot Rod Magazine. "This game stays true to the Hot Rod brand with exciting racing action and realistic hot rod machines."

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