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Crusader Kings

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox

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'Crusader Kings' Ships to Stores

by Judy on Sept. 28, 2004 @ 12:38 a.m. PDT

Based on the award-winning Europa Universalis engine, Crusader Kings was recently honored with a coveted spot on GameSpot's PC Strategy Roundup 2004. In addition, the game has won accolades from the gaming press, including an Editor's Choice award from Strategy Gaming Online and a Top Pick award from Game Vortex.

"Crusader Kings features all the elements strategy gamers are looking for and we are unbelievably proud of the Paradox development team and their outstanding ability to continue bringing top quality strategy games to the North American market," said Fredrik Lindgren, Director of Sales and Marketing for Paradox Entertainment.

Crusader Kings focuses on the feudal kingdoms of medieval Europe, as players become the leader of a glorious dynasty and struggle to increase the greatness of their lands through nearly 400 years of detailed, challenging gameplay. Multiplayer mode heats up the battle as up to 8 players compete for prestige and piety. And, as an added bonus, players can add an incredible 400 years of historical gameplay to their adventure by exporting their finished Crusader Kings game into the world of Europa Universalis 2.

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