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Chaos League

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Genre: RPG/Strategy

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'Chaos League' - v1.04 Update Patch Available NOW

by Judy on Sept. 28, 2004 @ 9:24 a.m. PDT

Get the Chaos League v1.04 patch off WP (16mb)

Chaos-League 1.04

- Match Correction to bug that allowed the red team to never be tackled

- Match It is now easier to attack a player who is in the process of stamping on a player on the ground.

- Multi Ladder made more reliable

- Match A team placement setting saved as a red team was wrongly reloaded as a blue team and vice versa.

- Game Improvement to speed of game starting up (depending on PC config)

* Match Orc lineman and Mercenary Orc lineman lose Pickpocket as default and gain Sharp Sight. They lose Ground Hold and gain Pickpocket in career mode.

* Match The Barbarian Linebacker loses Hysteria and gains Bold as default. He loses Bold and gains Hysteria in career mode.

* Match Dwarf lineman and Mercenary Dwarf lineman lose Veteran as default. They lose Piercing Eye and gain Veteran in career mode.

* Match Darkmoon's price goes up by 10 000 GPs

* Match Left Hammer loses Sissy as default and his price drops by 10 000 GPs. He loses Mocking and gains Sissy in career mode.

* Match Goldorick loses Destroying Hit as default. He loses Critical Hit and gains Destroying Hit in career mode.

* Match Vanubis loses Mighty Blow and Destroying Hit as defaults. He loses Bold and Aggressor but gains Mighty Blow and Destroying Hit in career mode.

* Match Albinos loses 10 Savagery points, but gain 10 in Speed.

* Match Mercenary prices have been increased by 5 000 GPs

* Match The duration of the Speed Aura, Injuries Immunity, Armour and Awkward spells, as well as their upgrades, has been increased.

* Match Following these changes many teams many teams have been slightly modified. Only the Banshees (Dark Elves) and the Tree of Pains (Wood Elves) have exchanged players and Resuscitation cream for an Ent

- Management Correction to bug on teams which never bought players.

- Management Team values were sometimes miscalculated.

Chaos-League 1.02

  • Game-center Data export for the clan/team/2vs2/3vs Ladder has been implemented
  • Scenario Mode. Neither the difficulty nor mode of play were saved between sessions.
  • Scenario N°7. Bad calculation on ball possession time, making the scenario difficult to complete.
  • Backup. Correction of bug that could lead to potential loss of saved files (replays, teams, championships) after moving or renaming of files by user in
    Windows Explorer.
  • Match. It was impossible to chat when the game was paused.
  • Match. A selected opposition player who enters a smoke screen no longer keeps his red selection circle at his feet.
  • Cup The message saying that the team had won the cup, without ever having taken part in the competition, has been deleted.
  • Menu Management An empty logo was sometimes shown instead of default logo.
  • Management All Heroes have undergone a complete revision of abilities in career mode. (available in Championship mode).
  • Management Human and Dark Elf mercenaries have undergone a complete revision of abilities in career mode. (available in Championship mode).
  • Match "Firing up the crowd" now only moves the Spectator appreciation bar by 20 points.
  • Management Correction to freezing of game during transition from one week to another. (Some back-ups may be used, once again).
  • Match Correction to "Blood Drinker" and "Vampire" (who were not applied to the correct players).
  • Match Increase in the amount of time for the following vision spells : "Mole Vision", "Blind as a Bat", "Eagle Vision", "Sup. Eagle Vision", "Dissipation"
    and "Sup.Dissipation"
  • Multi It was possible to cheat during the Illicit practices (shame on you !!!).
  • Match Correction to squashing animation for Human runningback.
  • Match The power of the mine has been reduced.
  • Match Correction of problem whereby i twas impossible to heal dead players by clicking on the button at the top right of the screen.
  • Game It is no longer possible to execute 2 concurrent games.
  • Match The dwarf Hero "Mamamia" now appears in blue when playing for a blue team.
  • Management It is now possible to choose a different skin for a player. Warning: The new skins must be placed in the CustomTextures folder and their names must differ from the original ones !
  • Match The recovery source was giving Health points to players on the ground.
  • Match Some potential loss of synch. have been corrected!
  • Replay Multiplayer-games replays were often corrupted.

Chaos-League 1.01

  • Video options Anti-aliasing was only applied if there was a change of resolution.
  • Gallery Menu 3D image of best player did not disappear when another character was selected in list.
  • Management Menu The wax seal button disappeared in resolutions other than 1024x768.
  • Everywhere Improvement on reaction to Alt+Tab keystroke, which didn't always work (the game stayed in the foreground).
  • Video Options Problem in detecting video modes when several monitors were connected.
  • Match The number of cheerleaders visible on the pitch had no relation to the number bought. The maximum number is still 3.
  • Match The pass reception animation went into a loop if the pass was intercepted but not caught properly.
  • Scenario "Active Pause" did not function in this mode.
  • Match The quality of the 3D image of the improved in low resolution.
  • Match / Knock-outs/injuries/deaths by mines, spectator Management lightning, spectator invocation, barrel of explosives : the dead were not considered as dead for the rest of the competition. Team stats were not updated.
  • Management Crash when a player already had all his abilities.
  • Management Some teams relegated to 2nd division had scheduled the purchase of a Hero. This purchase, being impossible, blocked all other purchases.
  • Management Cheerleaders, Resuscitation cream and Slow-Motions bought on the last day of the championship were lost, but the GP were spent.
  • Multi Choice of team and race of opposition is now hidden.
  • In standard mode only the division chosen by the opponent is visible.
  • In imported team mode, only the value of the opposition team is visible.
  • Multi Matches played in 2 (or +) vs 1 (or +) caused personal teams, saved to the same slot as the captain, to be overwritten.
  • Match At the start of play opposition players, hidden behind smoke screens were visible for a short instant.
  • Menus Texts can be cut and pasted from Windows to certain sections of the game. For instance, in the LAN menu it is now possible to paste an IP address.
  • GameCenter Now possible for the GameCenter to have stats on the races chosen in imported teams.
  • Management Doping and anti-doping in matches played in the background by the games AI were not zeroed at the end of a game.
  • Match Personal position choices for the start/restart of a game are now saved between matches. The choice is specific to a given team. It is possible to edit the file.
  • Options The icons for "Actions possible with player's Breath" have been set in the right place.
  • Management The mummy gets the "No Stress" ability and its price rises by 25000 GP.
  • Management Living Dead teams in the 1st and Elite divisions have had their squad list slightly modified.
  • Management A Praetorian Hero has had his abilities changed.
  • Management The Praetorian lineman has had his attributes adjusted.

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