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'ESPN NBA 2K5' (PS2/Xbox) In Stores NOW

by Judy on Sept. 30, 2004 @ 7:30 a.m. PDT

"I am immensely proud of ESPN NBA 2K5," stated Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts -- makers of ESPN Videogames. "No other NBA video game matches the visual quality and realistic gameplay mechanics featured in ESPN NBA 2K5. Consumers are going to love the extensive additions made to The Association, an even greater integration of ESPN's signature presentation, and the enhancements found in IsoMotion, and the 24/7 mode. Simply put, ESPN NBA 2K5 is the most realistic basketball video game ever."

IsoMotion builds upon the revolutionary IsoMotion system, giving players the creativity and freedom to perform tricky moves to throw off their opponents. IsoMotion expands the ability to perform crossovers and spins in the backcourt, adding new techniques to mid-range and 'in the paint' plays. The new hop step allows gamers to perform a forward hop step or a lateral spin step to get into the post. Once a player is 'in the paint,' IsoMotion can be used while backing down a post-up defender to deftly execute pump fakes, pivot feints, and up-and-under maneuvers. ESPN NBA 2K5's IsoMotion gives gamers the ability to recreate the breathtaking moves seen in every NBA highlight reel.

The popular 24/7 mode -- an original mode that allows gamers to create the best streetball players -- gets an extreme makeover becoming twice its previous size by adding over 100 new items, multi-player games, and new training and timed mini-games. In 24/7 mode, gamers will personalize their create-a-player with hundreds of different accessories, train the player in various exercises and drills, and take on the NBA elite to become the best streetball player. Featuring more player customization, "create your own shoe" and online exclusive items that gamers can win only when playing online, 24/7 promises round-ball fans a unique and addictive basketball experience.

ESPN NBA 2K5 also introduces a groundbreaking approach to team management, with a new franchise mode, The Association. Gamers experience all the drama of running a pro basketball franchise as the importance of maintaining good team chemistry is stressed. New to any NBA video game are Player Personalities, which are used when NBA players visit the general manager with specific questions or concerns that need to be addressed. Different personalities require different responses and the user's response can make the difference between greater team chemistry and a lackluster team effort. The Association also introduces the Full Authority simulator, which allows gamers to simulate basketball games while retaining full control of decisions and strategies for each player.

ESPN-stylized overlays and camera angles infuse ESPN NBA 2K5, providing an enhanced ESPN presentation complete with commentary by Hall of Fame legend Bill Walton and sideline reporter Michele Tafoya.

ESPN NBA 2K5 is available for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

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