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EverQuest II

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Developer: Sony Online Entertainment
Release Date: Nov. 8, 2004

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European 'EverQuest II' Beta Test Starts - Screens

by Judy on Sept. 7, 2004 @ 2:17 a.m. PDT

EverQuest II returns to the culturally diverse world of Norrath in the future of the original EverQuest, with the sheer size and graphical detail greater than ever seen before. Larger in scope than its predecessor, EverQuest II will allow players from every corner of the earth to explore familiar areas and new, undiscovered territories of Norrath.

“The feedback we’ve already received in the U.S. Beta has been phenomenal and has allowed us to see what has worked and what hasn’t, ensuring we deliver a solid game on day one,” said John Smedley, president, Sony Online Entertainment. “We’re confident players will find that EverQuest II has raised the bar for the MMO genre when it’s released later this year.”

“Now that the U.S. Beta is in full swing, the development team is ready to receive feedback on the German and French versions of the game as well,” said Matt Sivertson, director of international operations, Sony Online Entertainment. “We’re using native language actors to provide the translation and voiceover for the localized versions in order to provide a truly immersive experience for our French and German players.”

Certain subscribers to SOE’s EverQuest Legends service were recently invited into the U.S. Beta. In the coming weeks, players that fulfilled the requirements of the Lords of EverQuest™ special offer, as well as those who received and registered Beta keys from the July issue of PC Gamer Magazine, are expected to receive their invitations as well. Additional Beta testers for North American and European Beta programs will be selected from applications received through the EverQuest II website for the later rounds of Beta. SOE will continue to notify qualified Beta applicants in stages over the coming months for the North American and European Beta programs.

SOE also announced that at launch, players in North America and Europe will be able to play on any of SOE’s EverQuest II servers, providing a high level of service worldwide. At launch there will be English, French and German localized servers, each in the corresponding language.

EverQuest II is scheduled for a simultaneous release in North America and Europe later in the year.

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