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'Dragon Ball GT' (GBA) Ships to Stores

by Judy on Sept. 7, 2004 @ 7:26 a.m. PDT

Anime excitement shines on Game Boy Advance as Majesco today announced it has shipped Dragon Ball GT Vol. 1, the Company's first Dragon Ball GT title in its Game Boy Advance Video lineup.

One of the most popular properties to date, the Dragon Ball franchise has created a new standard for animated action series having achieved sales of more than $3 billion in related merchandising worldwide and more than 20 million home videos. Web sites for the Dragon Ball franchise receive more than eight million hits per day, and the term "Dragon Ball" was a Top 10 search term on the Lycos 50 Daily Report for a total of 200 consecutive weeks. For additional information on Dragon Ball GT visit

"With more than $3 billion in merchandise sales worldwide, the Dragon Ball franchise has clearly had a tremendous impact on its audience," said Jesse Sutton, President, Majesco. "With Dragon Ball GT Vol. 1 now available for Game Boy Advance Video, fans can watch two of their favorite episodes anywhere they go."

Majesco's Dragon Ball GT Vol. 1 features the following two episodes:

  • A Grand Problem
    Goku and Trunks are on the verge of defeat, finding themselves in the sinister grip of a mad scientist who wishes to use their Saiyan bodies in his twisted experiments.
  • Pan's Gambit
    Goku and Trunks are captives of General Rilldo and it's up to Pan to save them. Disguised as a robot, Pan's cover is blown and she must battle Nat, a member of the Mega Cannon Sigma Force.

Each Majesco Game Boy Advance Video title carries a suggested retail price of $19.99, and more information about the Company's entire lineup can be found online at

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