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EyeToy On The PC With 'Camgoo' - Screens

by Judy on Sept. 7, 2004 @ 7:30 a.m. PDT

Camgoo offers an amazing new slant on the otherwise traditional world of gaming – and one that's instantly accessible, both to joystick junkies and non-gamers alike. In fact, any member of the family, and friends of all ages, can share together in the refreshing kind of fun this game has to offer – and get fit at the same time!

In the crazy world of Camgoo, players are captured via webcam and their body movements then brought vividly to life, at the heart of various challenging on-screen scenarios. As the first title to present such a truly active and social approach to gaming on the PC, Camgoo promises to be the hit family and post-pub party game for Christmas 2004.

By welcoming fans into a distinctively physical world of interactive gameplay, Camgoo eliminates the need for more traditional game controllers – such as the mouse, keyboard or joystick. Instead, each player's entire body directly controls all the action in this first collection of fast, furious and fun games – as their head, legs and arms are often frantically seen to be waving about!

To get started, simply connect any standard webcam to your PC (one is already included in the Campack version of the game, if you don't already have your own), fire up Camgoo and let the shenanigans begin! Camgoo's intelligent motion detection engine will quickly scan you into the computer, allowing your body movements to then determine the outcome of each game.

In Camgoo Sixplay, the first collection of games (out for Christmas 2004), players become the centre of attention in each one of six game scenarios, controlling the end results – and their score - through their increasingly accomplished, and often hilarious, body movements.

Camgoo Sixplay contains 6 unique, fresh and exciting games: Treasure Trouble, Pixie Presents, Keepie Uppie, Box a Bot, Beat Master and Cam Kong.

Best played with a group of friends or family, Camgoo is not only great fun to play, but also fantastic to watch from the wings. Once you've had a go, you just won't believe the thrills (and laughter!) this new kind of game will bring.

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