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Pro Evolution Soccer 4

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'Pro Evolution Soccer 4' - Xbox Live Features Confirmed

by Judy on Sept. 7, 2004 @ 7:37 a.m. PDT

Due for release for Xbox® in November, Pro Evolution Soccer 4 will mark the Xbox debut of what is rightly regarded as the definitive football simulation for any video game system. Developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, the series is renowned for featuring all the moves, flicks and intricacies of football, whilst giving the player full control over a host of instantly recognisable world stars. The previous PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PC versions have been hailed as classics for each format, and the Xbox version is certain to follow suit.

The release of the Xbox game will be the first time the series has been playable online. Via the easy-to-use Xbox Live service, players will be able to play against Pro Evolution Soccer 4 fans all over the globe in real-time matches while the service will also be able to facilitate a rating system, allowing players to form mini-leagues. It marks a huge advance for the series, and follows Konami of Europe's successful implementation of the Xbox Live service to facilitate full online play in Dancing Stage Unleashed.

Pro Evolution Soccer 4 sets new standards for realism and intuitive gameplay, adding a wealth of new ideas to the established series. Players now have more individuality to their movements and appearance, with famous players instantly recognisable through their speed, the way they run and even the way they receive and pass the ball. Likewise, a host of new free kick and set piece systems have been implemented, while the passing and shooting systems have been enhanced to allow for more one-touch play, chipped through-balls and first-time strikes.

The Xbox game also features club teams from Holland, Italy and Spain leagues under official license from them, with the world's best players beautifully realised via the game's stunning graphics. Pro Evolution Soccer 4 also benefits from an on-screen referee for the first time, with the official running up and down to track play, and breaking up heated disputes as tempers flare. With a Master League system allowing users to create their own dream team of star players, and an extensive training mode on hand to refine free kicks, close control and first-time passing, it is easy to see why Pro Evolution Soccer 4 enjoys its reputation as the definitive football game.

"The inclusion of Xbox Live in Pro Evolution Soccer 4 is another example of Konami of Europe listening to its consumers," commented Kunio Neo, President, Konami of Europe. "The ability to play this incredible online will introduce Pro Evolution Soccer 4's many subtleties and intricacies to a whole-new audience, and further expand its reputation as the ultimate football experience."

"We're very excited that Pro Evolution Soccer 4 will include Xbox Live functionality," said Michel Cassius, senior director, Xbox platform and marketing. "Xbox Live will bring a whole new level of football excitement to Pro Evolution Soccer 4 fans and we welcome its debut on Xbox as it joins the ever-growing lineup of Xbox Live titles coming to Xbox this Christmas."

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