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'Tork: Prehistoric Punk' (Xbox) Ships To Retail

by Judy on Jan. 12, 2005 @ 10:49 a.m. PST

Ubisoft today announced that Tork: Prehistoric Punk has shipped in North America for the Xbox. Play the role of Tork, a fearless, young cave boy who has seen his village destroyed and his father kidnapped. Travel through time using Tork’s magical powers on an adventure in which he will encounter mythical creatures, morph into three special characters and visit beautiful landscapes.

“Tork: Prehistoric Punk is an enchanting, challenging video game with environments so breathtaking players will find themselves exploring every landscape before finishing each level,” said Helene Juguet, Ubisoft’s director of marketing. “Tork will captivate players, young and old, with its fantastic visual elements, captivating storyline and dynamic gameplay elements.”

After seeing his village destroyed and his father kidnapped, Tork embarks on an adventure to save his father before the course of history is changed forever. To do so, the spontaneous, young punk will travel and explore different time periods, including his own Prehistoric Age, the Medieval Age, and finally the futuristic Age of Machines. As the game progresses, Tork will gain special abilities and attack modes, learn new tricks and pick up cool age-specific power-ups. Tork will battle large dinosaurs, hails of spears, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters that Mother Nature throws his way.

Other gameplay features include:

  • Venture through 13 dynamic levels.
  • Challenge beastly bosses with a set of bolas that pack a serious punch.
  • Using Tork’s special magical powers, morph into different animal creatures such as a bulldozing yeti, a mighty armor-plated armadillo, or a high-flying squirrel.
  • Unique attacks and abilities add variety to the gameplay.
  • Easy to pick up and play, but captivating and varied enough to keep a younger audience interested.

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