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Dark Age Of Camelot: Catacombs

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'Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs' Coming To Europe In March

by Judy on Jan. 14, 2005 @ 8:58 a.m. PST

In the world of massively multi-player games, Dark Age of Camelot occupies a special place in Europe. It is the first game to have been localised into French, English, German, and Italian; its Spanish version is imminent. It is the only game to draw direct inspiration from history as well as Celtic, Scandinavian and Arthurian legends. Its unique concepts of cooperation and rivalry, with the Realm versus Realm system, also make it the most original.

"Catacombs" brings new innovations to Dark Age of Camelot, in the technical, aesthetic and gameplay departments. Apart from the 15 extra magnificent underground complexes, the new graphic engine is on a par with the best in today's industry and enables the creation of more realistic characters with more individualized features – the shapes of noses, ears and chins, the colour of eyes and hairstyles. Players now have a wide choice with five new classes of character: two in the Realm of Midgard (the Middle Earth of Scandinavian legends) : the Valkyrie and the Warlock; two in the Realm of Hibernia (the Latin name for Ireland) : the Vampiir and the Bainshee; one in the Realm of Albion: the Heretic.

Another essential contribution of Catacombs is the option of "Private Adventuringtm" - "on request" adventures, created by Mythic Entertainment, the game development studio. Adopting the technique of zone generation on-request ("instanced" zones in technical parlance), the player experiences made-to-measure adventures, underground quests or explorations that are unique to them and adapted to their level and the number of people in their group. "Catacombs" is designed for players of all levels and has consequently developed the private-life dimension of the game that was first deployed with "Foundations", the free expansion enabling the purchase and design of housing for players and guilds.

In terms of explorable universes, "Catacombs" offers a journey to the middle of the Earth, with the possibility of exploring mines, forges, forests and underground cities, mazes, sanctuaries, crypts, sewers and catacombs which lead to the Veil into the Otherworld and beyond. Naturally, the creatures that roam this world are rarely open to discussion and explorers have to understand what hidden menaces lurk in the depths of the Realms to prevent them from surfacing. Dark Age of Camelot has a wider playing area than in the past, hence the integration of a new means of transport in the mines – a network of rails and wagons that speed up movement between zones. The already existing dungeons have been graphically revamped, and are connected with the Catacombs. Players now have totally new journeys to make beneath the Realms.

More complete, richer and more beautiful, Dark Age of Camelot continues to offer the best in massively multi-player on-line games, thanks to its experience and its expansions. In the space of four months, from the free expansion "New Frontiers" revamping the frontier zones to the new retail expansion "Catacombs", the game has undergone major changes, equivalent to a version 2 release. However, the story retains its continuity, something that will please its community of over one hundred and eighty thousand subscribed European players, a community that will be eagerly awaiting March 2005.

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