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'SecurePlay' Anti-Cheating Software

by Judy on Jan. 17, 2005 @ 1:05 a.m. PST

IT GlobalSecure announces its new anti-piracy solution, SecurePlay Keeper to be released in the first Quarter 2005. Piracy and game hacking are growing more serious for the computer games industry. In 2004, the biggest industry news issues behind record sales were a series of serious security breaches ranging from software piracy, to code theft, and game cheating.

SecurePlay Keeper is a new approach to digital rights management (DRM). It builds on the popularity of online game play to create a new, powerful approach to fighting game piracy.

"Traditional anti-piracy and DRM solutions focus solely on securing distribution," states Cheryl Campbell, President of IT GlobalSecure, "SecurePlay Keeper works by making the entire online gaming experience part of the anti-piracy solution – from game play and player matchmaking to tournaments and community services. The more popular the game is, the better the protection works."

SecurePlay Keeper's patent-pending technology complements traditional DRM and media protection solutions by extending security past the distribution stage through the entire product lifecycle. It is particularly important for game services and in Asia where service-based gaming is the main tool to fight widespread software piracy.

"Game service providers had thought they were safe from piracy", according to Steven Davis, CEO of IT GlobalSecure, "Unfortunately, as seen by cases in the US and in Asia, Ghost servers and services constitute a growing threat to online gaming companies."

In 1Q05, SecurePlay Keeper will be added to IT GlobalSecure's SecurePlay game security package. SecurePlay is the only product on the market today that actually stops many forms of cheating. SecurePlay helps game developers, operators, and publishers reduce their cost of operations and increase sales.

The SecurePlay software makes multi-player, network game development easier through its powerful, intuitive, programming interface. Underneath the hood, SecurePlay implements a suite of cryptographic protocols to stop many kinds of cheating and piracy.

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