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Hearts Of Iron 2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox
Developer: Paradox

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'Hearts of Iron 2' - v1.1 Update Patch Available NOW

by Judy on Jan. 17, 2005 @ 12:19 p.m. PST

Get the Hearts of Iron 2 v1.1 update patch off WP (6mb)

Changes for 1.1

Interface Enhancements

- The maximum organisation can now always be seen. In the detail screen, in tooltips, and as small graphical markers.
- Added an indicator to show the current speed of a corps in the interface.
- Improved several tooltips with even further information and/or clarifications.
- Added information in colorcoding to the convoy interface.
- Added a small indicator to the combatlist interface to show which have a combat event.
- Added the option to switch between sprites/counters when rightclicking on the pause-button.
- Added an option to set a synchronized arrival time for landunit stacks when moving/attacking.
- Due to popular demand, detect numbers are now shown instead of "fieldmarshal" names on counters.
- Improved the shown "detected sizes" for stacks. Seperate values for air/surface stacks.
- Colorcoded unitsizes on screens to be red if over command-limit.
- Added support for national names for armies, fleets and airfleets.
- "goto" on a combat-started popupbox now actually selects that combat, instead of just centering on that province.
- Added the "mission finished" message after a sea transport mission is done.
- Added a message for "Leader has died".
- There is now information in the cancelled trade agreement message, about which was cancelled.

Gameplay Changes

- Changed logics of when its possible to attach brigades, to reduce some exploits.
- Rewrote combat algoritms to not always give guaranteed hits when dogpiling.
- Weather and Night affects in landcombat now only affects attacking efficiency for both sides.
- Envelopment in landcombat now requires 3 provinces rather than 2.
- Fortressbuster trait now only reduces fort penalty by 25%.
- Org regain is now significantly higher when low. (<25% of max x3, < 50% x2, > 75% /2 )
- Convoy paths will now attempt to avoid seazones with subs on convoy raiding missions.
- Convoy paths now get reevaluated everytime they get attacked.
- Airplanes should now attempt to move immediately after a combat.
- Added some terrain penalties to bomb-missions for planes.
- Province buildings now only increases max-capacity when they are deployed, and slowly grow to the new one.
- Modified HQ unit speeds and fuelconsumptions, and removed cap on engineers attached.
- The "repair/construct" speed from infrastructure is now never lower than 10%.
- A carrier now always have at least 1 in subattack to avoid endless battles.
- Halved the belligerence impact from annexing countries.
- Improved the efficiency at night for submarines.
- Its now possible to rebase ships with troops on them, if within sea-transport range.
- There is now a hard-cap on how big an airforce taskforce can be. Maximum 4 airwings in it.
- Tweaked air command limits to be 2, 4, 8, 16 to fit the new stack rules.
- Increased penalties for attacking in bad weather and through mud.
- Puppets can no longer invite someone to an alliance.
- Tweaked transport planes to be cheaper and better at later techs to simulate the need of lesser amount of planes.
- Severly decreased the techeffects on airbase building speed.
- Based and other undeployed provincial developments now cause a severe drain on TC.
- Halved the speed of landcombat & air v land bombs.
- Average speed of fleets now modify closing speed in naval combats.
- Tweaked weathercode for battlescenarios to make sure weather patterns are started in the active map.
- Winters are now longer.
- Anyone with a guarantee will get +1 on interventionism whenever anyone else declares war on it, if on the same continent.
- Creating a puppet nolonger gives it a large part of your manpower.
- Isolationists that can not ally with anyone can neither guarantee another nations independence.
- Dissent now affects IC.
- Tweaked effects from strategic bombing missions.
- Increased strategic attack of SBs, TACs, Flying bombs and rockets significantly.
- Decreased cost of rockets and bombs siginifcantly.
- Decreased visibility of submarines.
- Tweaked up effect of submarines versus convoys.
- Moved 5 org from Elastic Defence & Spearhead and added them to Fire Brigade & Spearhead HQs
- Autoconvoy creation now takes blocked seazones into account if possible.
- Experience is now applied in bombruns as well.
- Infra is now damaged when a province is taken over.
- Increase the range of transports to 3000.
- A unit out of supply can no longer strat-redeploy.
- Units loaded on ships will now clear their orders properly whenever the ship moves.
- Airunits now fight with lesser effectivity if they lack supplies.
- No missions are valid except for rebase for an airunit without oil.
- You can only trade provinces between allies now.
- 0 infra provinces surrounded by only enemy territory with any infra now automatically change control to the enemies.
- Carriers doing port-strike are now slightly less lethal.
- Tactical bombers are now slightly more lethal.
- Reduced IC from non-national even further.
- It is no longer a linear return on bombing infrastructure. The less there is left the less can be damaged now.
- Rebasing now works with multiple airunits selected.
- Newly built units can now only be deployed in owned provinces (on the same continent as the capital).
- Conquering territory out from a puppets territory will now give the occupation to the puppetmaster if the puppetmaster is conquering.
- Puppetstatus now override ai-prefs for ignores in tech/resource trades.
- Provinceimprovements in progress are now cancelled when a province becomes occupied.
- Units now only go to pool when owners change if they are enemies with the new owners.
- Techteams are now properly removed at the end of a project if they are no longer active.
- Rockets can no longer rebase, but instead they can be strategically redeployed.
- Units retreating to something that is cut-off should no longer automatically be deleted if they got at least 50% of their maximum org.
- Neutrals can no longer spot other neutral ships automatically at sea.
- Its no longer possible to attack, then break off the attack after 1 hour and attack again.
- There is now a 5% dissent hit for cancelling a non-agression pact.
- Units in enemy territory when peace is signed is now strat-redeployed back to the capital (using civilian ships if needed.)
- Relations no longer drop if an alliance partner or puppet/master cancels an agreement between them.

AI Improvements

- Worked alot on the front AI to teach it to evaluate attack and defend odds better, also improved its
- Improved the AI's evaluation of when to break off attacks.
- Improved the AI's understanding of establishing reserves.
- AI now tries to group motorized infantry with mechs and armor if possible.
- The AI now synchronizes attacks smarter.
- Now the front AI reacts quicker to the players and other nations actions.
- Air AI taskforce composition has been improved.
- Air AI is now better att evaluating when to evacuate bases.
- Wolfpack AI now spreads out attacks more.
- Convoy AI now adapts better to hostilities, and also attempts to bring home stockpiles more efficiently.
- Improved the cooperation between AIR and Naval AI.
- The AI is now a lot smarter about using its serial runs.
- Improved the AI for researching technologies.
- Pathfing AI is now much smarter and tries to avoid danger if possible.
- The AI for accpeting nations asking to join their alliance was rewritten.
- Diplomatic AI now cancels non-agression pacts in attempts to honor guarantees, and is also more likely to honor guarantees they have given.
- Loads and loads more of AI code and scripts written for various cases of when circumstances change.

Modding Support

- A lot more factors have been exported to the dbmisc.txt file, so that modders can tweak.
- Enchanced the scripting capabilites for the AI, see the docs/ai_file_doc.txt for details.
- Fixed a few problems with eventcommands that manipulate the weather.

Multiplayer Specific

- Added a little indicator to show who has not yet pressed "startgame" in the chat listing.
- Added support for up to 20 different countries in the lobby now.
- Fixed a problem with people timing out in the lobby.


- Ships are now properly flagged as retreating when they are given the order even while moving.
- Oil status is now properly reset for ships in port.
- Ships will no longer target subs if they lack subattack.
- Bases constructed from events now always arrive, even if target country lacks the tech.
- Ships will no longer have the target indicator in the interface if too disorganised to shoot.
- Fixed a problem with asking to join alliance led by a player.
- Fixed a miscalculation to determine valid distance in a navalcombat.
- Fixed so terrain names are properly localised as well.
- Fixed the inversed gearing bonus. Its now capped at 35% bonus.
- Fixed a major problem with the weather system which left loads of "static weather blocks" all over the map.
- Weather is now cleared properly when a scenario is restarted.
- Fixed a problem which caused airplanes to hover indefinitely retreating.
- Fixed a major problem with allied area for supply checking not working if there are oilpools around.
- Time should now be cleared entirely between scenarios.
- Fixed a bug where oil was not shipped home from areas if auto convoy options where not on.
- Fixed a problem with the Warsaw Uprising and the Soviet support option not working.
- Fixed the "dissappearing plane" bug.
- Fixed a problem with being out supply when a supplydepot lacked oil.
- Fixed the case where developments from aborted serial runs did not get a name shown.
- Fixed a problem with convoys not being displayed properly if blocked.


- New Eventseries:

* "Soviet-Romanian War" (over Bessarabia with a limited peace offer)
* "Lin Sen" (death event)
* "Alternative US Elections" (if US is Paternal Authocratic)
* "Democracy Defended" (Republican boost if Franco get no foreign help)
* "Great War Demonstration" (might happen if GER doesn't occupy Rhineland)
* "Independent Croatia" (Croatia become German puppet)
* "Germany Surrender" (if the Soviets can take a bath in the Eng Channel)

- Modified triggers for the following events:

* "The Undeclared War"
* "US Lend-Lease Events"
* "Oil Embargo against Japan"
* "Vichy France"
* "Marco Polo Bridge"
* "Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact"
* "Bitter Peace"
* "Destroyers for bases"
* "Denmark folds"
* "US Elections"
* "Jose Antonio"
* "Victory events for Coral Sea"
* "Victory events for Desert Fox"
* "Vichy leader defection"
* "Hess' flight to Scotland"
* "US Gearing Up events"

- Modified effects in the following events:

* "Destroyers for bases" (USA get access to UK)
* "Lean on Siam"/"Pressure on Siam" (many effects in all events in the serie)
* "ROM/HUN switches side" (will ally the USSR)
* "Bitter Peace-2nd Version" (seccedes Romanian provinces)
* "Spanish Civil War" (supply costs decreased)
* "Wilkie"
* "US Lendlease to USSR"
* "Creation of Vichy"
* "Treaty of Munich/End of Czech"
* "Warsaw Uprising"

- New event commands:

* new trigger "attack" which lets the event check if the country is attacked by another given country.
* command reformulated to allow partisan-controlled provinces to secede.

Scenario Setup

- Modifications to the 1936 campaign

* Switched Manchurian for Korean provinces as nationals for Japan.
* Added missing static anti-air guns in Southern Part of Maginot line for France.
* Decreased Manchurian supply at start from 10000 to 100.
* Added Southern Sakhalin as nationalprovinces for Japan.
* US force at Philippines is now locked in position.
* Added some Australian bases.
* Modifications to Communist and Nationalist unit setups.
* Added Home defense units to the UK and removed all the extra IC.
* Lowered Italian belligerence to 0.

- Modifications to the 1939 campaign

* Switched Manchurian for Korean provinces as nationals for Japan.
* Removed Italian navalbase from inland Turin.
* Added missing static anti-air guns in Southern Part of Maginot line for France.
* Communist China is now allied with Nationalist China.
* US force at Philippines is now locked in position.
* Added some Australian bases.
* Added an airbase for Nationalist China.
* Switched a province from Siam to France.

- Modifications to the 1941 campaign

* Switched Manchurian for Korean provinces as nationals for Japan.
* Communist China is now allied with Nationalist China.
* Switched ownership of a few provinces between Japan and Nationalist China.
* Added Southern Sakhalin as nationalprovinces for Japan.
* Added some Australian bases.
* Modifications to German unit names.
* Moved a Turkish unit from Tblisi to Turkish territory.

- Modifications to the 1944 campaign

* Switched Manchurian for Korean provinces as nationals for Japan.
* Switched ownership of a few provinces between Japan and Nationalist China.
* Modifications to German unit names.
* Moved some German V-rockets from Ghent to Lille, and gave Lille an airbase for them.
* Three provinces added as nationalprovinces for Siam.

- Modifications to Ardennes:

* Modifications to event triggers, dates and effects.
* Tweaked down the offmap supplies/oil to make the supply events more useful.
* Removed static weather, snowstorms will now come and go in the scenario.
* Modifications to German unit names.
* Added a supplypool in Dunkirk and added a German technology.
* Added offensives to many German units.
* Reduced allied oil/supply pool significantly and doubled effect of oil/supply events.
* Changed many artillery brigades to self-propelled artillery.

- Modifications to D-Day:

* Two GER divs will be activated properly in D-Day.
* Panzer Reserve is unlocked if Allies launches Operation Dragoon.

- Terrain Modifications:

* Rearranged some areas in Far East Russia.
* Added two Chinese beaches.
* Modifications to climate for seazones, lakes and provinces.
* Modifications to terrain for provinces.
* Åmål no longer has a port nor a beach.

- Added river connections

* Lille - Mons
* Amsterdam - Leeuwarden

- Modifications to setup technologies

* Added Adv Machine Tools to British setup in GC41.
* Added Air Superiority Doctrine to Nationalist Chinese setup in GC36, GC39 and GC41.
* Added Mobility Focus doctrine to Nationalist Chinese setup in GC39.
* Communist China can now dig-in in GC36.
* Removed the two oil refinery techs from, and added Basic Naval Bomber to the USA in GC36.
* Added air superiority doctrine to Yugoslavia in GC36 and GC39, and to Bulgaria in GC39.
* Modified Finnish land techs in GC39,GC41 and GC44.

- Modifications to Ministers and Leaders.

* RSI now defaults to Fascist state ideology.
* Sweden starts with a Socialdemocratic government in GC36.
* Added Dutch, New Zeelander and Australian leaders to Southern Conquest scenario.
* Modified traits for a number of leaders.
* California,Texas, and Scotland will be fascist if the are released.
* Added US Ministers.
* British land leader "Bourne of Atherstone" should now be Commando + Logistics Wizard.
* Changed death date for a German leader/tech team used by Germany and Nationalist China.

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