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'Mutant Storm' (Xbox) Available Through Xbox Live Arcade - Screens

by Judy on Jan. 19, 2005 @ 8:31 a.m. PST

PomPom Software, in conjunction with Oberon Software, today announced that Mutant Storm has now been released through Mircosoft's Xbox Live Arcade system. Read more for details ...
Previously only available for PC and Macintosh, the appearance of Mutant Storm on Xbox Live Arcade will provide Xbox Live users with an easy way to buy, play and keep stored on their Xbox console an award winning title considered to be a classic action shooter.

Said Miles Visman of PomPom: "We've received a lot of support from Microsoft and it's great for Mutant Storm to get the recognition it deserves by being a launch title for this important new platform.

Generating accolades such as such as "Best Independent Game" and "Best Shareware of the Year" and "Game of Distinction" from the gaming press and described variously as "arcade genius", "a sensory masterpiece" and "wondrous stuff", Mutant Storm was the second title produced by PomPom, the first being the equally well-received, Space Tripper.

Commented Pompom's Michael Michael: "We are very excited that this deal gives millions of Xbox Live Players the opportunity to try out one of our titles at a budget price. We can't wait for the reaction!"

Said John Cook of agents Bad Management, "This is timely recognition of a previously unsung classic from one of the UK's most innovative development teams. It demonstrates that small imaginative groups can still compete with the leviathans of the games business "

Xbox Live Arcade is a new service from Microsoft that lets Xbox Live members play broad-appeal, casual games on their Xbox video game system.

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