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'Sprint Car Challenge' (PS2) - Screens

by Judy on Jan. 21, 2005 @ 7:47 a.m. PST

With a toe-tapping soundtrack, a choice of a dozen rally or sprint cars and a frenzy of power slides and high-speed collisions, Sprint Car Challenge allows the player to jostle for position whilst hurling ultra-light high-powered cars around a selection of dirt circuits. Of all the world's motorsports, Sprint Car racing is the most extreme. Now with this frantic arcade-style racer, Liquid games brings all the excitement of the sport to the PS2, in time for the 2005 Sprint Car World Showdown in Australia.

Available for under ten pounds, Sprint Car Challenge has many of the features that one would expect from a £40.00 game; split-screen two player racing, a full championship mode, test-drive options, chassis and engine damage, and unlockable bonus vehicles and tracks; the latter sustainable only as long as the player maintains a high enough points level. Players are awarded points for the style and flair of their slides and collisions as they swerve sideways around corners or smash spectacularly into their opponents' vehicles, overturning them if they can.

In addition to the classic dirt ovals of real racing, this unique fun game features extreme circuits which test the players' skills and nerve across ice and sand, plus starlight challenges, which offer the option of competing at night. Sprint Car Challenge offers great value non-stop racing action to keep the casual gamer and hardcore racing fans alike on the edge of their seats.

Commenting on Liquid's latest release, publishing director, Kevin Hassall said; "This is just the first title that we'll be announcing this year, as part of our progressively more hectic release schedule. This is an easy to play game from an established developer, aimed at the casual gamers that are forming an increasingly large proportion of the PS2 games market. Sprint Car Challenge will bring an interesting twist to a popular genre."

Sprint Car Challenge will be available on PS2 at the end of March from Liquid Games, with a recommended selling price of just £9.99.

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