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GTR: The Ultimate Racing Game

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Atari / THQ
Developer: SimBin

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'GTR: The Ultimate Racing Game' (Xbox/PC) - Screens

by Judy on Jan. 21, 2005 @ 10:52 a.m. PST

The game is based on the FIA GT Championship racing series and GTR includes all of the cars and drivers from the season of 2003 as well as the prestigious 24 Hours of Spa race. Developed and tested by the FIA GT drivers utilizing actual racing telemetry data from the featured teams, GTR will deliver the most realistic driving experience the world has seen to date.

The game and its features

  • “GTR – The Ultimate Racing Game”, is a next generation racing simulation, based on the FIA GT Championship and includes all the cars that race in the series.
  • The FIA GT Spa 24H event is also included in the game, featuring more 3D cars running on track simultaneously than any other title in history. It features mind-blowing endurance racing from dusk to dawn.
  • The world’s greatest supercars modeled with the most intricate detail ever seen in a game.
  • All of the real world tracks meticulously recreated using GPS and CAD print data with detail and accuracy surpassing any other title.

Two completely different Game modes.

  • Simulation mode
  • Arcade mode- with individual physics to suit every game fan.

The company structure and it’s deep roots in real racing and it’s affiliate companies from the racing industry provides the perfect setup for making a racing Simulation.

In addition to the most accurate racing simulation on the planet, GTR has a completely separate Arcade mode for those gamers who love to throw the car around with wild abandon. The arcade mode is all about fun with thumping music and forgiving handling - a perfect introduction to real racing for the average gamer.
GTR is the Ultimate Racing Game which appeals to ALL kind of gamers.

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