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SuperPower 2

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Strategy

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'SuperPower 2' - v1.4 Update Patch Available NOW

by Judy on Jan. 27, 2005 @ 8:29 a.m. PST

Get the SuperPower 2 v1.4 patch off WP (14/17mb)

Here's the list of fixes for v1.4:

Features :

AI Aggressiveness slider added, making the AI more or less aggressive.
Ban player console command.
Private chat.
Panama Canal and Suez Canal added.
Relations with every country are shown beside the country name, in the thematic map window.
Possibility to change another country's government type when liberating them (must be in peace with that country and have at least 80% of their regions).
Status change progress bar on unselected unit groups.
Multiple selection in unit list (with ctrl key) and covert action cells window (with shift & ctrl keys)
Command line added for disabling nukes in dedicated server.


AI will build less infantry, and more ground and air units.
AI will drop in economic failure less often.
AI will annex regions more often.
AI will start nuclear research more often.
Economic failure will reduce resource production a lot less, preventing countries that dropped to a GDP of 0.
Economic failure will not happen as much when losing control of regions.
Link between Black See and Mediterranean See added.
Relations between countries will change in a more realistic way.
Changing laws will have a larger effect on political ideology.
Production Table adjustment for initial time and production by day.
Optimization on nukes damage calculation.
City names should be easier to see on the map.
Removed the war declaration on other countries when performing an occupy territory.


Invalid data for Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo corrected
Deploying groups of zero is impossible.
Resolved bug of Economic Embargo treaties that would sometimes not disappear once a member country was annexed.
Human Development level is calculated correctly after loading a game.
"Ghost" countries, countries that did not disappeared when annexed, will now disappear.
Country map is now drawn with close islands.
Fixed trespassing treaties to works as they should.
Proper message when server is full instead of invalid SDK.
Stealth points are no longer mandatory to create new design
Dedicated server has nukes enabled by default.
Nuclear missile from submarine will now work after training.
Nuclear missile will do civilian damage.
Capital will change correctly when annexing regions.
Fixed client connection on fast machine in single player.
Embargoes are terminated after a country is annexed.
Can change capital through constitutional form.
Military strength is shown properly.
Crash when preparing SLBM attack and subs are destroyed.
Region ownership computed properly when retreating from hostile territory.
Thematic map legend ranking fixed.
Diplomatic relations map ranking fixed.
Military units of country with Trespassing Right treaty are displayed properly.
Refresh of the research window fixed.
Display of income is done properly.
Newly built and designed (by user) nuclear submarine has missiles
Trade territories with same name can be deduced.
Treaties Issue CTD shouldn’t occurred.
Color of priority in production request fixed.
Huge amount of resources is fixed.
Population is balanced after trade and annexation.
Left and right ideology change when changing Internal Laws.
World average human development computed correctly after loading a game.
Relations cheat through internal laws is removed.
Stop unit from moving in deep enemy territory.
Proper image displayed in Unit Design window.
Debts are stored by regions, and not by countries.
Language and religion add up.
Synchronize the date after a trade is made.
Fixed bombardments that never stopped.
Various crash & optimizations

Here's the list of fixes for v1.3:

- Savegame now saves the training progress of units
- Fixed drag box over a window misplacement
- Strategic warfare view improved
- Glitches in unit production window resolved
- Implemented a decrease relations when nuclear research is done
- Added a low detail earth texture & option
- Fixed crash after economical failure in SP
- Thematic map are not closed when ending game anymore
- Old cursors replaced by new ones
- Battle summary window are now queued in mail
- Added a version number in the log file
- Drop in/out warning added
- Fixed crash when requesting war declaration and sponsoring it
- Added a "split units equally" button in split window
- Fixed a join multiplayer game crash (server info window)
- Cancelling SP game doesn't make first attemp to join or host game fail anymore
- Fixed language and religion percentage bug (adding them not giving 100%)
- Fixed crash when clicking on quick treaty
- You can now cancel unit production done by other countries for you
- Reduced the news quantity
- Trade window and trade data added
- Trade system AI added
- Cancelled unit production don't reappear after deletion anymore
- Comboboxes are now sorted (no matter what the language is)
- You can not have the USA (AI) assume your debt all the time anymore
- Unit movement speed affected by elevation now
- Fixed corrupted savegame bug
- Adding custom goals in singleplayer custom game mode
- Player should not be able to join as an annexed country
- AI Should build more units in time of peace
- Unit split crash
- Reasons to have treaties refused will appear to player
- Be able to launch nuke in self defense
- Validating Mods for MP Games
- Align selection square in Battle Overview map
- Command line to load mods
- High Taxes rate should have more of a bad effect
- Glitch in join MP game window (update of servers)
- Invalid SDK version when starting an SP game or hosting
- Join Multiplayer Dual Select
- Parent mod notion added (for modders)
- Billion units bug
- Custom goals not reloaded correctly
- Password, give focus to edit box automatically
- Change mail notification associated with gain/loss of region control
- ASW helicopters can't merge with naval groups nor can they be deployed on water
- Propagate MOD official status through network
- Do not allow 100% taxes
- Grey-out window items when foreign country is selected
- History Window not hidden (or killed) when a game is stopped
- Hotkeys to open the various windows
- Detect if mod is official
- Generate an official mod
- Inform user when they start an unofficial mod
- Add launch nuke button animation
- Ballistic missiles submarines, missiles are not splitted when submarines are splitted
- Main bar do not show real time in mutiplayer after it changed
- Counter-attack may cause battle results to be wierd
- Military units get their *** whooped
- Merge units of same type
- Relations goes up very quickly
- Quick treaty : Add 3 more treaty
- Have # of days to research nuclear
- Added client advisor messages not to propose dangerous trades
- Battle summary in a mail when not looking at battle
- Block Strategic Warfare" toggle to the Host Multiplayer Game

Patch v1.2b Notes:


  • Fixed: Billions of units appearing in combat.
  • Fixed: Corruption of save games after a complete annexation.
  • Fixed: Crash in the split unit window.
  • Fixed: Crash when sponsoring a military trespassing right.

Patch v1.2 Notes:


  • Fixed: Thematic maps: Empire country, political control, human control are processed faster
  • Thematic maps: Clicking the thematic map legend item crash fix.
  • Fixed: Potential crash when a country is conquered but other country try to use it to build units or vice versa
  • Fixed: Can't bombard Antartica
  • Fixed: Memory leaks reported by BoundsChecker
  • Fixed: Possible crash in strategic warfare on water
  • Fixed: Bug in client disconnection
  • Fixed: Added a check in the sell unit to be sure the unit exist
  • Fixed: Attacking units can't be disbanded
  • Fixed: Locking the buttons on the client side in the unit list
  • Fixed: Unit Research : can now save when any country is selected
  • Fixed: Unit Research : can changes the tab and the data follows when dirty
  • Fixed: Unit Research : The budget value displaying in the meters is not always correct
  • Fixed: No more deployment on hostile regions
  • Fixed: 3 Crashes with modal window in covert ops with train cell, new cell and new mission
  • Fixed: Crash with modal window in treaty details with add remove window
  • Fixed: Crash with modal window in resource with increase production window
  • Fixed: Can now save when any country is selected
  • Fixed: Unit deployment freeze
  • Fixed: Scenario window not displaying objectives sometimes
  • Fixed: Deleting temporary files
  • Fixed: Admin player will be replaced if old admin drops out.
  • Fixed: Crash on exit (sometimes)
  • Fixed: Unit market window (buy used units) random crash.
  • Fixed: Unit movement, added a check in the unit mover to not dereference a null pointer
  • Fixed: Annexed countries wont be in treaties anymore
  • Fixed: Made sure video_config works on win98
  • Fixed: Wrong country name being displayed as a tooltip over the right flag in the battle overview window
  • Fixed: Covert action cells cannot be in an inexisting country anymore
  • Fixed: Player cannot be changed in the game lobby
  • Fixed: When buying all the units in the last category, used units window would become unusable
  • Fixed: Fixed a deployment crash
  • Fixed: GeForce MX video cards transparency fix
  • Fixed: Technology for units (requirements) are now in sync between the windows
  • Fixed: Annexed country wont appear in treaties filter window anymore
  • Fixed: Added validation upon sdk and mod id
  • Fixed: Save/Load of multiplayer games now working properly (with and without passwords)
  • Fixed: When you join a server, choose a political party, then quit, and join again, if you choose a country it'll not change the political party in power
  • Fixed: Cleanup of graphical objects crash at shutdown
  • Fixed: Setting properly the total nuclear missiles value
  • Fixed: Unit list refresh when building units


  • Tweaked: Relation bonus when signing assume foreign debt
  • Tweaked: Request war declaration AI changed a bit, to leave some margin when a nation ask one of its friends
  • Tweaked: Synchronizing countries when a region control is changed
  • Tweaked: Countries with only one democratic party will still be able to get out of anarchy
  • Tweaked: You do not need a stability expected of over 20 % to get out of anarchy
  • Tweaked: Only sending treaties news now when the treaty becomes active =>Added a member to the treaty class, the creator country. Only used when creating country, and since we don't have the creators for the originals, we don't load them from the Database.
  • Tweaked: Added the number of days in the AMDS popup
  • Tweaked: Behavior of the meters in the research window.
  • Tweaked: Thematic maps: Optimized empire map
  • Tweaked: Unit production window will be updated when a new design is created (no need to close everything, reopen etc.)
  • Tweaked: Nuclear siren sound, not playing multiple times if multiple nukes are launched at once.
  • Tweaked: Naval and Ground strategies are now separated in combats.
  • Tweaked: Scenario selection window
  • Tweaked: War news are now less frequent (to avoid flooding the server)
  • Tweaked: Covert actions are less frequent (more realist)
  • Tweaked: Counter attack implemented on the combat, will give a more realist combat simulation especially at high server speeds
  • Tweaked: Optimized region color assigment
  • Tweaked: Start game now done by admin player instead of waiting for all players to be ready.
  • Tweaked: Unit production window visual tweaks
  • Tweaked: Mouse wheel now working properly in windows
  • Tweaked: Country name added when asked to attack a neutral country
  • Tweaked: Messages are displayed upon disconnection
  • Tweaked: AI will launch missiles when it is attacked and in a bad situation


  • Feature: Delete all mail button added
  • Feature: Kick console command on the server
  • Feature: Autosave feature added.


  • Fixed window minimization to Taskbar after launching a new game
  • Fixed a crash when pressing stop game button
  • Fixed a crash when a country is conquered
  • Fixed save/load crash when a country is invalidated
  • Fixed a crash when zooming on Fiji
  • Fixed listbox selection
  • Fixed ability to create new designs for mobile launchers
  • Fixed tooltip in system bar when clicking on F1 button
  • Fixed Music Resource file
  • Fixed quantity in the Used Unit Market window


  • Last selection for unit type will be remembered in Used Unit window
  • Decrease in lag during multiple events
  • AI for invalid countries can no longer perform military actions
  • Country ID is now saved even for non-active (dead) players
  • History graph markers are now available
  • Treaties modal window crash fixed
  • Highlight added in War list
  • Thematic legend now shows 10 countries instead of 9
  • Kick button added in the lobby
  • Optimization of the unit deployment window
  • Advisor warning for nuclear research added

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