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'Heavyweight Thunder' Announced - Screens

by Judy on Jan. 27, 2005 @ 8:31 a.m. PST

Knuckle up, gamers: Overload Entertainment and Iridon Interactive today announced that Heavyweight Thunder, the first boxing simulation to celebrate the championship lifestyle, will be released on PC in March 2005.

"HEAVYWEIGHT THUNDER looks to be a legend in the making," says Scott Steinberg, CEO of Overload Entertainment. "Given a recent resurgence in
boxing's popularity, coupled with the pending release of NBC's new reality TV series The Contender, it's sure to go undefeated in terms of overall
value to the consumer."

"Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee has never been easier," confirms Bjorn Larsson, CEO, Iridon Interactive. "HEAVYWEIGHT THUNDER will
leave enthusiasts punch drunk with pleasure."

The closest you'll come to stepping inside the ring, HEAVYWEIGHT THUNDER offers a brutal combination of first/third-person fighting and ostentatious attitude. Its revolutionary, patent-pending SimuPunch(tm) swing system makes you the star by translating otherwise innocent mouse movements into body blows, uppercuts and killer combinations. Build your street cred KOing 10 of the globe's top-ranked contenders at 6 jaw-dropping locales including bars and blockbuster arenas, then spend your newfound riches buying cars, clothes, groupies, mansions and more. Dedication or debauchery: the choice is ultimately yours.

An exhaustive management mode mixes role-playing with rock 'em, sock 'em brawls, putting players in charge of rising sensations' careers. Hire and fire coaches, schedule bouts, set training routines and upgrade character abilities as you advance through the ranks earning popularity and prestige. Built-in boxer and league editor tools prolong the excitement, letting users design their own original bruiser or configure custom tournaments and electrifying exhibition bouts for distribution over the Internet.

And when you tire of crippling the competition, try cooling your jets in the casino, where four full-featured gambling simulations await. Bet it all on the blackjack or poker tables, attempt to score big at slots, or just wager winnings on fight outcomes. the bigger the payout, the flashier the jewels and the trendier the accessories high rollers can afford.

The game's cutting-edge soundtrack further features contributions from breaking artists such as hip-hop sensation Ship of Fools, whose smash hit single "Materials" is available for download at

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