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'Metal Gear Acid' (PSP) Game Details & Screens

by Judy on Jan. 27, 2005 @ 6:36 p.m. PST

Konami announced today exciting new details about Metal Gear Acid, a turn-based, tactical espionage game requiring players to collect cards and strategically construct their own decks to complete various missions and objectives. Boasting a compelling storyline filled with new characters and incredible cut scenes, Metal Gear Acid will draw players into an all-new adventure packed with intrigue – designed specifically for the portable gaming enthusiast.

Metal Gear Acid takes place in 2016 on Lobito Island, located in the fictitious Tejan Republic of South Africa. Players once again take the role of Solid Snake, the famed top-secret agent, who has been called out of his retirement when a plane is hijacked over U.S. airspace. Tasked with infiltrating an unknown terrorist organization holding passengers hostage thousands of feet in the air, players must diffuse the situation to save hundreds of innocent lives. While playing through the game, Solid Snake encounters numerous dynamic characters, including a new playable female heroine. Players will have the ability to strategically control both Solid Snake and the new female character to defeat their enemies.

Focusing on stealth and deep tactical strategy, two of the trademark elements that form the basis of the Metal Gear series, Metal Gear Acid allows players to concentrate their energy on planning and executing a series of riveting missions according to turn-based actions. Prior to each task, players will build their deck, selecting a limited number of battle cards. Each card, containing its own unique abilities and actions, is an instrumental component for players to effectively complete their mission objectives. Additional cards, featuring weapons, action and characters based on those found throughout the entire Metal Gear series, will enhance the player’s characters and give them a much needed edge over their foes.

Metal Gear Acid also adopts a stage-based system, and players have to fulfill the objectives for each stage in order to advance to the next. After beating each stage, players are ranked according to a number of factors, such as how much cost has been consumed and how many times a player has been discovered by an enemy. Players earn points according to their grade and can exchange points for cards in a shop menu that they can access between each stage.

Rounding out the game are incredibly high resolution graphics and a majestic new soundtrack – providing PSP handheld system users with one of the most unique gameplay experiences in the Metal Gear series.


  • Entirely new Metal Gear game and story developed for the PSP handheld system
  • Use over 200 strategic battle cards to accomplish the mission, including weapon, action and character cards
  • Purchase new cards to enhance your infiltration strategy and discover new cards as you play
  • Different card decks give you new abilities and actions unique to the theme of the deck
  • Experience a deeper level of tactical espionage using a turn-based strategy system
  • Incredible graphics and animations never before seen on a handheld game system

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