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Ubisoft Signs 'Puzzle Pirates' - Screens

by Judy on Jan. 31, 2005 @ 11:40 a.m. PST

Ubisoft today announced it will publish Puzzle Pirates, the first pirate-themed online game. In Puzzle Pirates, players play fun puzzle games to earn status and prestige. Developed by Three Rings Design, Puzzle Pirates is slated for release in April with a suggested retail price of $19.99, which includes a free month of playing time, exclusive in-game items, and special single-player, offline versions of the more popular puzzles in the game.

“We are excited to add Puzzle Pirates to Ubisoft’s growing list of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games,” said James Regan, director of Ubisoft’s business development. “Puzzle Pirates is unique in the MMO genre, because players can enjoy non-violent puzzle games while increasing their pirate character’s skills and prestige in a user-friendly community.”

In the game, players pillage the seven seas with their mates and enjoy countless rounds of eleven fine puzzles, from Swordfighting to Carpentry, Gunnery, a variety of trade puzzles, and even a friendly game of Spades. Puzzle Pirates is a social game in which players sail together in crews and form political alliances to rule the waves. Shop ownership, trade networks, full player-colonized islands and a dense web of Piratey intrigue fill out the higher level gameplay; for those who master the puzzling:

  • Build a pirate empire: Players form their own crews to pillage the high seas, trade between islands and even develop their own thriving ports.
  • Participate in the player-run economy: Players buy and run shops, trade for goods and employ the puzzling skills of their friends. All finished items in the game are made in player shops.
  • Man the crow’s nest! Be on the look out for new updates to the game.
  • Make a piratey fashion statement: Fulfill your dreams of dashing pirate flair with a great selection of swashbuckling outfits. Pirates Arr Cool!

A unique feature of the retail version of Puzzle Pirates is the single-player, offline mode which provides a friendly introduction to the world of Puzzle Pirates. Players can become master puzzlers before storming the decks of the online world.

"Puzzle Pirates brings folks who enjoy classic online puzzle and card games into a more satisfying ongoing world of Piratical play,” said, Daniel James, ceo of Three Rings. “We've made sure that the game is both very playable for new Pirates, and incredibly deep for our Dread Pirates. You can drop in anytime and play for twenty minutes, yet build a Pirate dynasty to last for years. Arrr!"

“Puzzle Pirates is so much fun! I play with my two daughters and we love to do the puzzles and look through all the cool shops. Our crewmates are fabulous and friendly and they play well with beginners like us,” said Julie, an avid pirate player. “We love the challenges the games create without being too challenging for younger players. We also have told many of our friends about Puzzle Pirates and they love it, too!”

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