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'Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors' (Xbox) Finally Making Its Way To The UK

by Judy on Jan. 6, 2005 @ 7:33 a.m. PST

SEGA Europe Ltd, today announced the Xbox version of the sequel to the critically acclaimed fighting game Otogi, released in September 2003. This highly anticipated follow up should be picking a fight in Europe some time in February 2005.

"SEGA Europe are going to treat Xbox owners to this high-octane, hardcore fighting game from Japan," commented Mike Hayes, Managing Director of Sega Europe Ltd. "Otogi 2 is the sequel to the highly acclaimed original game we handled back in 2003. We feel the recent resurgence in martial arts movies will draw Xbox owners to this fantastic fighting game"

Developed by From Software (Armoured Core, Lost Kingdoms) and published by SEGA, this lavish, action-packed sequel looks set to surpass its predecessor in every way possible. Once again this visually stunning fighting frenzy draws heavily on its martial art movie inspirations. Players will experience overwhelmingly elaborate fight scenes packed with eye-popping special fight effects.

The storyline centres on a legendary warrior known as Raikoh, the hero from the first game. Although Raikoh destroyed the demons threatening his home in the original game, evil is rising once again. This resurgence on evil prompts Seimei, a female sorceress to devote the lives of four warriors to bring back Raiko once again. With these warriors by his side Raikoh leads a powerful, supernatural team, setting the scene for a serious battle between good and evil on the streets of the capital.

As this epic tale unravels the challengers get harder and harder as player's fighting skills are well and truly put to the test. With superior graphics, weapons and warriors, Otogi 2 pushes the limits of the Xbox to bring players a spellbinding tale of bone crunching combat, and jaw-dropping destruction.

Otogi 2 – Immortal Warriors is slated for release across Europe in February 2005.

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