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Romancing SaGa

Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: Square-Enix
Release Date: Oct. 11, 2005

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'Romancing SaGa' (PS2) Charms Its Way To Stores

by Rainier on Oct. 13, 2005 @ 11:48 a.m. PDT

Visit the vast world of Mardias in Square-Enix's Romancing SaGa. Select from one of eight playable main characters to follow through a series of amazing adventures, with the outcomes of your decision forever altering the future of Mardias. Fully customize your characters in battle with proficiencies, multi-class training, and purchasable skills and spells. Guide a party of up to five characters in battle, inviting and dismissing new warriors as you see fit.

Romancing SaGa's story is based on the original Super Famicom game which was never released in America. With outstanding graphics and playability made possible with the technological capability of the PlayStation 2, Kawazu brings a fresh feel to each SaGa title by staying true to his ideal of never reusing gameplay elements and incorporating a unique storyline in every game. In this reissue, fans of the series will find added event scenes and interactivity with previously non-playable characters.

The story begins a thousand years ago, when Saruin was imprisoned. Now the barriers that contain him are weakening, and his foreboding shadow threatens to swallow the world of Mardias once again. Who will rid the world of Saruin's scourge? A mysterious minstrel appears and guides the group to adventure, at times shielding them from adversity. Occasionally, the minstrel forces grave choices upon them, which change their world and twist the plots they encounter.


  • The free-roaming scenario system gives gamers a choice of eight intriguing playable characters, each with their own unique adventures and individual goals.
  • Depending on the character and actions chosen, the plot and the subsequent events differentiate dramatically. This free-roaming scenario system promises the ultimate in open-ended adventure.
  • Vivid 3D graphics: The characters and backgrounds are rendered in vivid 3D graphics, making the magnificent realm of Mardias a truly enjoyable place to explore.
  • Battle system: Players can learn multiple weapon skills based on the weapons they use. Various combinations of attack techniques and magic spells can be linked in order to unleash devastating attacks upon foes. The possibilities are endless with this open-ended system.
  • Music: As with other games in the series, the background music, battle sound effects, andvoiceovers play important roles in Romancing SaGa. The theme song is produced by Masayoshi Yamazaki, and composer Kenji Ito has provided the game's delightful musical score.

Romancing SaGa, rated "E" for Everyone 10 and older, will be available at North American retailers for a suggested retail price of $39.99 (USD).

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