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Mojo Master

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Wild Tangent
Developer: Wild Tangent

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Online 'Mojo Master' Launches October 31st

by Rainier on Oct. 19, 2005 @ 4:52 p.m. PDT

Want to spice up your love life without having to leave your PC? Or just want to play a MMO about something really different? Then check out Wild Tangent and AXE’s upcoming online dating game, Mojo Master. Visit a variety of scenic and strange locales, and test your seductive might by trying to get phone numbers from 100 women in this free web game, including 2005 Playboy Playmate of the Year, übergirl Tiffany Fallon.

Mojo Master is a virtual fantasy game of seduction for guys that lets them approach girls in ways they might never dream of trying in real life.

Players create their own Mojo Master persona and then use tricked-out moves from the ultimate Playbook to approach girls in the game. If players make the right moves using the game’s Seduction Compass before their mojo runs out, they’ll successfully raise the targeted girl’s attraction level to 100 percent. The reward is her phone number, which guys can add to their mobile phone book. As in real life, each girl is unpredictable: The act of seduction requires guys to use all of their mojo magic if they plan to reach the top of their game.

Set in a rich 3-D game world, Mojo Master’s virtual seduction playground allows players to explore nearly 28 elements in seven U.S. cities. Enter as a single player or check out the new multiplayer game where players can challenge their friend or an unknown opponent in a head-to-head match to see who has the best mojo skills to get the girl. Each city is populated with 100 brazenly gorgeous girls whom the Mojo Master chooses to approach, though they never know in which city or event the next gorgeous girl will be encountered. A yacht party in Miami? Poolside at an upscale hotel in Las Vegas? A house party in Atlanta? The outcome is always unpredictable. Likewise, the player may find himself approached by a female player who finds him attractive, launching into a head-to-head encounter with her and other potential opponents who are also vying for her attention.


  • The Mojo Master – Players build their own Mojo Master persona from a selection of different head-hair-skin combinations, and can enhance their chances for success with the girls by choosing different outfits and other accessories. The Mojo Master is armed with a variety of AXE Unlimited products to give him an edge in the game.
  • The Playbook – Crotches have been kicked, faces slapped and in some cases, digits delivered, as the outrageous moves were tested for the ultimate Playbook. More than 500 moves are in Mojo Master’s arsenal, giving guys virtually unlimited ways to the play the game. Each girl and guy move is rooted in real life experiences, but has been tricked-out for the fantasy world of the Mojo Master. Here’s a sampling of the best guy moves:
    • Guy Moves:
    • “The Tot Shot” – To speak of family but desire action (Talk about all of the kids you want to have someday)
    • “The Low Five” – A not so accidental placement of the hand (The strategically ambiguous placement of the hand between her back and rear)
    • “The Wise Disguise” – Smart clothes make the man ‘the man” (Apply eye glasses and discuss intellectual topics)
    • “Downward Doggie Style” – Get her in all the positions (Invite her to do yoga with you)
    • “The Bling Fling” – Public display of affection (Casually show off your gold watch)
  • 100 Unique Personality Types = 100 brazenly gorgeous 3-D girls, whose physical and mental attributes are discovered by using the Seduction Compass. Players will learn hundreds of moves, giving guy’s unlimited ways to play the game.
  • Mojo Master Seduction Compass – The Seduction Compass gives players the chance to unlock the mysteries of how girls think, act and respond when approached by a guy. Every girl is different and the secrets of the Seduction Compass help the players choose the right moves for the right situation. The Seduction Compass contains five elements – light, fire, earth, ice, and shadow – each of which represents the different physical and mental attributes exhibited by girls in the game. These are:
  • Light Physical = Imagine the friendly girl-next-door type, always ready to greet you with a warm smile. She’s the cheerleader of the bunch, and a darling of all the guys.
  • Light Mental = Conveys a sense of innocence and hopefulness; she laughs easily and is, at times, playfully naïve.
  • Fire Physical = She’s the athletic one, a big risk taker willing to go streaking on a dare or without any hesitation give you a sneak peek of her tattoo.
  • Fire Mental = Typified as the girl with fiery passion. She loves attention and her quick wit will keep you on the edge of your seat yearning for more.
  • Earth Physical = A nature player, casual and easy-going. She loves to relax doing yoga and enjoys the more tranquil subtleties of life.
  • Earth Mental = She is open, earth-conscious and socially aware. Her creativity flows easily. She may have an impressive poetry collection to go along with her acid rock library of CDs.
  • Ice Physical = A true sophisticate, poised and comfortable dealing with any pressures, whether it’s taking charge in an executive board room or at a glamorous, paparazzi-filled red-carpet premiere.
  • Ice Mental = Sharp, highly intelligent, ambitious and goal-oriented—she knows how to get what she wants.
  • Shadow Physical = Think rocker chick. She stage-dives with the best of them at any concert and doesn’t fear letting it all show, even if it’s not the kind of thing done in “polite society.”
  • Shadow Mental = Wickedly witty, she can be intriguing and naughty in the right situation.
  • Single Playa Mode – Once multiplayer goes live, the Mojo Master can (and must) traipse around the country winning the attraction of all 100 hot virtual girls to have a chance at the Playa versus Playa game. As the player progresses through the game and unlocks venues in multiplayer mode, they will unleash an additional 180 moves, giving them more than 500 playable moves (270 total male and 270 female) at their disposal to seduce and potentially earn the mobile phone numbers of each girl.
  • NEW Playa versus Playa Mode – Enter into the rewarding realm of multiplayer head-to-head play with the mantra of “two men enter, one man leaves!” Players will be able to face an unknown opponent, or friend in their bid to unlock all the mysteries of Mojo Master. Check out 27 new virtual girls, including five more complex and ethnically diverse Seduction Compass Girls, including the opportunity to unlock übergirl Tiffany Fallon, the 2005 Playboy Playmate of the Year. Seven additional venues provide exciting new arenas for competitive play, including the real China Club in New York, the infamous Highway 405 in Los Angeles, and more. 180 more playable moves (90 new guy and 90 girl); a multiplayer chat feature to talk trash to your friends; and some ridiculously hilarious cheats will keep players talking even after they’ve completed the game.
  • Original Game Music – Mojo Master showcases 15 licensed songs from up-and-coming music artists and their labels, including “Stand Up” by A Static Lullaby, MrNorth’s “Let Me In,” “Let’s Roc” by Petey Pablo, “Filthy/Gorgeous” performed by Scissor Sisters, “Remedy” by Seether, Silvertide, and more.

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