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KOEI Opens Toronto Game Development Studio

by Rainier on Oct. 25, 2005 @ 9:02 p.m. PDT

KOEI is pleased to announce the expansion of KOEI Canada, Inc. This state-of-the-art studio is the headquarters for the company's North American product development, and will have a significant effect on the city's game development landscape.

With a focus on top Canadian talent, KOEI Canada has amassed a skilled team of 30 world-class artists, programmers, designers, and support staff, and is planning to increase its workforce to between 150 and 200 employees over the next few years. The Toronto-based team members will also be given the opportunity to work at KOEI's other studios in Asia and Europe.

KOEI Canada is already developing two new titles, including a launch title for Sony's highly anticipated PlayStation 3 console, "Fatal Inertia," which is a futuristic aerial combat racing game. Capitalizing on the combined energies of KOEI Canada's programmers and artists and some of Japan's top game creators, "Fatal Inertia" will set the benchmark for next-generation games.

"Toronto is a vibrant city with a rich cultural mosaic that provides us with the necessary talent to develop games for a global marketplace," said KOEI's Founder and Chief Advisor Yoichi Erikawa, who under the pen name Kou Shibusawa is regarded as one of the world's top game designers. "As a game creator, I am excited to be here and to work firsthand on the 'Fatal Inertia' project. I feel that it will be a top launch title for the PlayStation 3."

KOEI continues to be one of the top publishers in its native Japan, and firmly believes that a presence in the global market requires product offerings that address the shifting needs of each region. KOEI Canada is a milestone in the company's strategy for globalization. KOEI is determined to be "The World's #1 Entertainment Content Provider," and the Toronto studio will help make this vision a reality.

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