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'X³: Reunion' - v1.2 UK Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2005 @ 5:32 a.m. PDT

KOCH Media has released the first patch for EgoSoft's space-combat exploration game X³: REUNION. This update brings your UK retail game to v1.2 and adds more joystick support, fixes voice and audio synchronisation, performance optimisations, better cutscenes and menu system, the usual crash and bug fixes, etc..

Get the X3: Reunion v1.2 UK Patch off WP (80mb)

  There are several fixes and enchancements that are included in this update (some of which you will not even have tried yet), the main ones of which are:
  • added support for more joystick models
  • fixed random CTD on entering a sector
  • voice and audio syncronisation fixed
  • performance optimisations including reduced memory consumption and shader enhancements
  • gamestart position modified to improve trading options at the start
  • complex construction of factory positioning improved
  • Tool tips added to assist in learning the menu Icon System
  • added ability to scroll menu bars with mouse
  • docking made easier, plus additional docking guide added
  • plot gameplay improved in key game parts
  • cut scenes re-produced, re-directed and optimised
  • added content for infostation help dialogues

as well as many more smaller issues resolved.

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