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Kuma War Launches 'U.S. Attacks Iran' Mission - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 3, 2005 @ 11:13 a.m. PDT

Kuma Reality Games has released a stunning 3-D video game simulation of what a U.S. attack on Iranian nuclear facilities might look like. Based on declassified documents and the latest thinking of military experts, Kuma’s latest episode, U.S. Attacks Iran, is available for free download at KumaWar.

Get the Kuma War trailer off WP (23mb)

As with all KumaWar episodes, “U.S. Attacks Iran” contains in-depth, expert analysis and a thoughtful discussion of the political ramifications and tactical considerations of military action as well as a playable 3D event simulation, letting ordinary individuals experience firsthand what military planners think such an attack might look like.

The issues raised by “Attack on Iran” couldn’t be more timely or important. Iran’s new president and war council have just announced the resumption of uranium processing, and the possibility of U.S. military intervention is all too real. With “U.S. Attacks Iran,” ordinary citizens can experience for themselves actions U.S. soldiers may be asked to perform. Players will join a U.S. special ops team attempting to infiltrate and dismantle or destroy Iran’s real-world Natanz nuclear weapons complex.

“Kuma’s overarching mission is to reinvent broadcast television using video game technology,” said Keith Halper, CEO of Kuma Reality Games. “With ‘U.S. Attacks Iran’ we follow the lead of networks like The History Channel and Discovery in bringing news headlines to life with speculative re-creations. What sets us apart is that our audience actually gets to participate, experiencing the news--and perhaps news yet-to-come--in free, playable simulations utilizing advanced game technology.”

For nearly two years KumaWar has expanded the boundaries of news reporting through accurate and timely re-creations of real-world military events. Delivered just weeks after the events have taken place on the battlefield, Kuma has created more than 55 episodes including “Uday and Qusay Hussein’s Last Stand,” “Operation Anaconda”, ”The Battle for Fallujah,” “Iran Hostage Rescue” and “John Kerry Swift Boat.” Episodes are now available for free download at and come with a playable mission, video news show, extensive intelligence gathered from news sources around the world, and insight from Kuma’s decorated team of military advisors.

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