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Worms 4: Mayhem

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Team 17

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'Worms 4: Mayhem' (Xbox) Slithers into North American Stores

by Judy on Oct. 4, 2005 @ 8:25 a.m. PDT

With players controlling the worms in single player or 4-player team games, everyone's armed with a massive variety of wild weapons, as ingenious as they are incendiary. And for the first time in any Worms game, you can let your imagination run riot and create your own weapons! Using a genius device, called Weapons Factory, you'll be able to create your own weapon and enjoy the freedom to annihilate your opponents in your own unique way. You want to make Exploding Chickens or Toilet Bombs? You got it.

Developed by Team 17, the newest strategy game from the popular Worms series will be available throughout North America for the cost-friendly price of $19.99.

"The award-winning Worms series is best known for its unique and darkly humorous invertebrate warfare, which has made it a favorite among casual and hardcore gamers alike," said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing for Majesco. "Updated forms of worm combat combined with all-new player customization features add further to the overall excitement of Worms 4 Mayhem, making it the 'must-have' game of the franchise."

Worms 4: Mayhem promises innovative new worm vs. worm warfare where players can create a fully customizable team of up to six worms in numerous environments, including multiplayer battles for up to four players. The game also includes a new weapons factory, allowing players to blow up their opponents in explosive new ways.

Additional game play highlights include:

  • Multiple game modes, including the 25-mission Story mode, Multiplayer via Xbox Live or GameSpy (PC), Network play, and Challenge mode;
  • Customizing Worm teams with their own unique look, sound, and playing style;
  • Exclusive new weapons such as the Tail Nail, Poison Arrow and the all-new Sniper Rifle;
  • Random level generator that creates huge, varied and vibrant themed scenarios, making each level a unique playing experience;
  • Unlocking various trophies and secrets as players destroy your opponent in more and more creative ways;
  • 3D world with all of the hallmarks of the original 2D game.

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