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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Liquid Entertainment
Release Date: Sept. 20, 2005

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'Dragonshard' - v1.1.24b Euro Update Patches Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 10, 2005 @ 11:12 a.m. PST

Lead your warriors underground, to thrilling RPG-style dungeon campaigns that affect the myriad maneuvers above. Control armies of haunting power from another time, another plane, another bloodline, in this innovative fantasy experience from the legendary worlds of Dungeon & Dragons.

Get the Dragonshard v1.1.24b patch off WP (5mb)

Multiplayer Balance Changes:


1) Speed up build time of buildings by 8 secs
2) Artificers Heal lowered , cooldown sped up.
3) Check Lizardman Haste – Lowered Haste speed bonus
4) Amathor “Spell Mastery” cost increased to 950.
5) Orobus “Feel no pain” cost reduced to 700
6) All fliers get health regeneration
7) Elemental Drake Range increased LOS increased as well - Elemental Drake cost changed to 130/80
8) Orobus Cripple ability stun duration increased to 4.5 seconds. Cooldown lowered
9) War drake speed increased, cost lowered slightly
10) Lizardman Haste movement speed reduced
11) Spirit guardian - Enervation damage and mana burned was reduced.
12) Shadow Striders increased Blink energy cost to 45
13) Lower resurrection mana cost on cleric down to 95
14) Captain , Juggernaut production time decreased.
15) Clerics Ressurection energy cost reduced to 95
16) Orobus Cripple ability stun duration increased to 4.5 seconds. Cooldown lowered
17) Dispel AOE’s have been decreased cost to cast has been increased slightly
18) Sorcerers Feeblemind duration decreased to 6/11
19) Clerics hold spell reduced duration 4/7
20) Max Energy changes to most the Umbragen Heroes
21) Warforge cost reduced 100/30

Fixed various IP connection issues over Gamespy including hosting, joining and quitting games.
Fixed AI in Mutliplayer games.
Fixed various multiplayer and skirmish replay desynchs
Improve Join Failure handling (test with duplicate CD keys to see)
GameSpy automatchmaking is now working for 1v1, with NAT support.
Fixed nonsense ping times
Various Single Player load and save issues fixed.
Fixed champion icon not apearing if the champion is ressurected.
Fixed lore journal in Order Campaign 5 and reads about the Blood Queen, the order of entries is now chronological.
Fixed various graphical errors with the champions sreen.
Fixed various graphical errors with multiplayer interface.
When a tower is selected, display a decal to identify the range of the tower.
Various Cursor changes (disarm trap, unlock chest)
In the Gamespy lobby, there is a tooltip to show Map/Settings/Players.
There is now a concede option for multiplayer

When Lady Marryn uses her "Hammer of Justice" attack, it no longer damages flying creatures.
Order 4: The Bugbear Chieftain in the northeast will play his Sword Swipe BattleGear when being attacked by flying units. He no longer does this.
Fixed when Blackclaw equips his Fetish of the Damned (final champion artifact), it should not disable his default weapon attachment, since this artifact is placed in his offhand. However, if the Level 3 Artifact weapon Staff of Wounding is equipped, the fetish should unequip and the default weapon should be replaced.
Fixed when healing, healers should face their targets.

Various Tutorial bug fixes.
Various Sound bug Fixes
Fixed various multiplayer pause crash bugs.
Smoother FOW revealing terrain
Fixed various trap system bugs.
New Optimizations for faster gameplay.

Fixed if the user’s Backpack has been filled and cannot accept any further items, the user is not allow to pick up a Gold Pile that is located extremely near an item.
Fixed Volari V8 crash issue
Fixed Intel graphics issue
Fixed if the user presses Clt+Esc keys while game loading, the game crashes and a crash dump is generated.
Fixed warping Pyro Hydra in Multi Map Dead heat
Fixed various animated cloth consistancy issues.

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