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'Eyetoy: Operation Spy' (PS2) Sneaks into Stores

by Judy on Nov. 15, 2005 @ 8:25 a.m. PST

Sony announced today the release of the EyeToy: Operation Spy, exclusively for the PlayStation 2. EyeToy: Operation Spy presents players with an immersive spine tingling narrative, where they join the SIA (Strategic Intelligence Agency) in order to take down a sinister global network of master criminals.

Created by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, EyeToy: Operation Spy is the ultimate in spy training, transporting players into a thrilling world of international espionage, secret codes and undercover surveillance.

EyeToy: Operation Spy offers two distinctive spy training programs: Mission and Security. Mission mode allows recruits to enlist at the SIA to be educated in the art of espionage. A player's secret agent skills are put to the ultimate tests by undertaking an exciting range of covert assignments such as code breaking, sky diving, and using high-tech equipment to uncover criminal masterminds bent on taking over the world. The Security mode allows players to set up a high-tech surveillance system in their very own room. If an intruder is detected, a personal pre-recorded alarm can automatically play, and video and photos will be captured as evidence.

"Continuing to build on the success of the franchise and further the evolution of the EyeToy line-up, EyeToy: Operation Spy brings the intriguing life of a spy into the living room for younger PlayStation 2 fans and those young at heart who still fantasize about spy life," said Ryan Hamlyn, producer, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "With electrifying gameplay modes, a unique surveillance feature, a variety of spy games and an innovative facial recognition program, EyeToy: Operation Spy is sure to be a PlayStation 2 favorite for gamers of all ages this holiday season."

Extending features introduced in EyeToy: Play 2, EyeToy: Operation Spy allows for spies in training to capture and print digital still images with an improved photo resolution to 640x480, sound clips and time lapse video. Additionally, video and audio recordings of the evidence can be stored onto Memory Card, where it can be fast forwarded, rewound, played in slow motion and edited to suit the mission.

New face-recognition technology allows players to create ten secure profiles that can only be unlocked with the correct face. Extended gameplay delivers new and improved security and "hidden camera" surveillance features first introduced in EyeToy: Play 2.

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