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'Kingdom of Paradise' (PSP) Slashes Its Way To Stores

by Rainier on Nov. 15, 2005 @ 9:56 a.m. PST

SCEA announced today the release of its PSP exclusive Kingdom of Paradise, an action-RPG that combines fantastical sword-fighting with an original story rooted in a mythical world in the Orient.

In Kingdom of Paradise, players control a young warrior outcast named Shinbu and embark on a mission to restore peace to the world of Ouka. Along the way, players will develop customizable sword-fighting skills, battle against storybook creatures and enemies, and interact with various characters throughout the adventure. Expanding the gameplay via wireless connectivity, Kingdom of Paradise allows players to exchange sword-fighting skills and also engage in one-on-one contests or show off customized sets of moves in Ad Hoc mode. In Infrastructure mode, players will gain access to special defensive items, skills, and an exclusive sword via Infrastructure Mode.

"Kingdom of Paradise offers a unique gameplay experience on PSP," said Susan Nourai, director, online and product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "With its fighting system, epic story, and wi-fi gameplay options, Kingdom of Paradise bolsters the PSP lineup and provides gamers with the ultimate portable action-RPG for this holiday season."

Kingdom of Paradise follows a story of civil unrest in the land of Ouka, the center of the known world. Three hundred years ago, five martial clans ruled their respective regions, creating a peaceful balance of power throughout the world. In an attempt to gain total supremacy, the Kirin clan brutally attacked the four other martial clans to secure the Divine Swords, the symbols of absolute power. Although once considered an outcast, the young warrior Shinbu, along with a lone clan survivor named Sui Lin, must embark on a journey to defend the honor of the Eastern Seriyu clan and return the balance of powers to Ouka.

As Shinbu, players will search for information and interact with an assortment of characters throughout each region to help him complete his quest and restore peace to the five diverse lands of Ouka. Kingdom of Paradise introduces a robust set of gameplay features, including the ability to create more than 150 customized sword-fighting combos. By collecting specific fighting techniques during the adventure, players can string specific skills together to create scrolls of multiple attack moves. The gameplay experience is further heightened by superb production value, with amazingly detailed 3D graphics and visual effects, as well as inspired character designs by famed Korean animator Ko Jinho.

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