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'Diabolique: License to Sin' Also Coming To X360 - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 18, 2005 @ 11:18 a.m. PST

Diabolique: License to Sin is a brand new third person game from Metropolis Team. Unique atmosphere, excellent gameplay, spectacular shaders, Renderware Physics. Tailored suits, expensive cars, dynamic action, and business class graphics. Hell has pretty much to offer.

Have you ever wanted to be a secret agent? And what about serving not Her Majesty, but The Devil himself? Fancy restaurants, expensive cars, heavenly girls... Hell has pretty much to offer.

Dark Eaville is the best Special Agent, in service of His Majesty Devil. Good and Evil are in continuous and endless conflict since the act of human being created. It's a fight for souls here and now. Agents of Good are up to something, something big. To stop them, Dark Eaville will snipe, sneak, chase enemies in his bloody roadster, race an Amazon boat, and impress you with his every step.

In „Diabolique – Licence to sin" you serve the boss of all bosses. You're the best intelligence agent and a devil straight from hell. With high-tech gadgets, unique weapons and your own special abilities, you have to fight against the agents of light, to ensure the balance between the forces from heaven and hell - or the whole world will no longer be like it is today.

„Diabolique – Licence to sin" is featuring all aspects of a next generation shooter and more. With its extraordinary storyline, stunning visuals, tense atmosphere, high identification with the main character and never before seen gameplay elements, the game will push the scale of 3rd person action to a higher level.


  • unique protagonist
  • extraordinary storyline with twists
  • six huge mission areas in diverse locations around the world
  • sophisticated AI adapting to different conditions
  • smooth implementation of arcade elements for challenging gameplay (car chases, shootouts and more)
  • boss fights and a variety of cool gameplay elements (teleportation, special abilities)
  • state of the art graphics, using latest GPU, shader 3.0, FSE (full-screen postprocessing effect), real time soft shadows and much more
  • use of physics for realistic object & character behaviour

The scheduled release is Q3 2006 for PC and Xbox 360.

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