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Europa Universalis II

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox

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'Europa Universalis II' - v1.09 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 1, 2005 @ 2:45 a.m. PST

From the medieval battles of Jeanne D’Arc to the fantastic empires of the Incas to the flaming wars of Napoleon, Europa Universalis II invites you to take the seat as the ruler of a superpower for 400 epic years. The sequel includes new features, new player nations and a huge period of history to sink your teeth into.

Get the Europa Universalis II v1.09 Patch off Worthplaying (12mb)


- Reduced the Habsburg/Spain bonuses for becoming Emperor significantly.
- Each elector in the Holy Roman Empire, and is considered supportive, reduces techcosts and stability costs of the emperor of 1%.
- A supportive elector (used for manpower, techcost and income bonuses) is now when they have relation >=100 instead of >125.
- All new German potential states are now marked as electors.
- Doubled the impact of grain producing provinces on the supportable amounts.
- The building costs of shipyards now increase with 100 for each.
- The building costs for conscript centers now increase with 250 for each.
- Recoded how merchants get checked in multiplayer.
- Refusing trade no longer gives a stability hit.
- Each Trade Embargo you have now reduces your TE by 3%.
- Monopolist in a CoT will not be automatically targeted first anymore.
- Each monopoly now gives 2% in TE bonus.
- Doubled the effect from serfdom on stability slider.
- Increased technology cost by 10%.
- Each vassal a nation has now has reduces the stability and technology costs by 2%. This effect is capped at 20%.
- Guarantees and Warnings now last 20 years instead of 5 years.
- Warnings now work for any country the warned nation declares war upon.
- Dropped the cost of insulting to 1/10th of before.
- Halved the monetary cost of Claim Throne.
- Claiming a Throne now only drops your stability by 1 instead of 3.
- Morale bonus from defender of faith is now +.5 instead of .15.
- Corrected Centralization change in "End of Hundred Years War" event from -1 to +1
- Corrected warship fire value for Nav tech 36 from 250 to 230.
- Only the controller and not the owner of a province is now checked for whether that province is embargoed for traders.
- An embargoed nation's trade income from a province is now multiplied by the controllers TE% and given to the controller.
- Benefits from vassals now are depending on centralization, where at maximum centralization you don't get any cost reductions.
- Being above the badboy limit now makes it more likely to get a civil war.
- Every nation in a multiplayer game now gets a casus belli on anyone above the badboylimit, like difficulty very-hard for single player.
- Increased badboy effect on stability costs.
- Only Catholics in Europe or current electors may become emperor now.
- All land adjacencies to Venice can now be blocked by a fleet in the sea next to it.
- Trading posts no longer increase badboy when you annex a country.
- Ahead of time penalty on technology costs are now quite a bit higher but kicks in slightly later.
- The richness of ports now matters for naval support limit instead of just the number of ports.
- Yearly Merchants affect naval support limit much more now.
- Fleets can no longer flee in a chosen direction unless they got a good maneuver rating and succeed on a dice roll. This makes it possible to block access with fleets.
- You now get manpower bonus from your vassals. Up to 50% of their manpower depending of how decentralized you are.
- There is no longer a -1 centralization hit after annexing a vassal.
- Added manpower and tax boosts to several Brandenburg and Prussian Events.
- Brandenburg now gets cores on almost entire northern Germany when proclaiming Kingdom of Prussia.
- Denmark now gets German culture if they choose Christian of Holstein, but for a heavy price.
- You will no longer lose your vassals when you change religion.
- You no longer get badboy for declaring war on human players if you have a cb, and only 1/3rd badboy of normal if you don't.
- You now only gain benefit from vassals with the capital on the same continent as yourself.
- You can no longer release vassals that only consist of trading posts.
- Support limit in vassals or where you have military access or is in a war together is now much higher as you gain the bonus from fortress/barracks.
- Sending missionaries to colonies & colonial cities on other continents is now significantly cheaper.
- Each trade agreement now reduces TE by 3%.
- Badboy from taking provinces off another player dropped to 1/3rd.
- Exceptional years now only reduce inflation by 2%.
- Tweaked historical years of economical techs 5 to 10 significantly.
- Doubled income from looting.
- Leaders of alliances are now leaders of alliances in wars as well.
- The effect off trade efficiency on merchant placement is now gradually applied instead of just a 50% bonus.
- Lowered base chance for merchant placement form 50% to 35%.


- Fixed a crash with tag-changing
- Fixed a crash with chatting after a nation has been eliminated in multiplayer.
- Cuman can no longer revolt.
- Fixed a problem with mod-dir in MP.
- Made a slight fix to MP logic to fix one reason for lag-loans.
- Corrected spelling of HOL and VEN colony names
- Corrected death date of ENG leader Clarence from 1431 to 1421
- Adjusted numerous provinces' icons to avoid obscuring the province name or to prevent overlap.
- Correct Fort icon placement in early Minor cities
- POR leader Diego de Senill renamed to Diogo de Silves
- Corrected spelling of BOS monarch Vladislav
- Corrected start and death dates for most KOR kings
- Corrected spelling of 3 POL kings
- Changed climate of three provinces in northern India from 8 (southern hemisphere) to 7
- Correct attrition tooltip to 8% for desert, plus several other minor corrections and updates to tooltips
- Fixed a problem with banning from alliance that may have caused a CTD.
- Fixed a thing which caused occasional crashes with MP.
- Fixed a crashbug with colonial revolters.
- Finally tracked down and fixed the reason for building manufactories not always finishing building.
- Fix duplicate ID in POL monarchs
- Fixed the crashbug when scrolling between channels in VNET.
- Fixed the Venice island adjacency.
- Corrected Ahwaz to Awhaz.


- AI is now smarter on trade agreements and trade refusals.
- Vassals to human players will no longer ever sign peace with anyone that is at war with their overlords.


- Added Austria as HRE to 1492, 1617, 1773 and 1795 scenarios.
- Changed the province-cap from 1615 to 2020 provinces for modders.
- Canary Islands is now part of Spanish Tordesillas, not the Portuguese.
- Recoded the revoltrisk to not stack to the maximum date, but keep each revoltrisk for the separate duration.
- Removed Lorraine and Franche-Comté from National Provinces of French minors in GC
- Corrected Known provinces for DAK, CHE, HUR, OHI and TIB in GC
- Removed colonization bonuses from SWE and KUR in AoM
- Fixed Capital for China in AoEn
- Corrected relationship tag DEN to DAN for PRU in AoEn
- Set Aristo = 9 in FRA in AoR to encourage the French Revolution to actually occur!
- Removed Archangelsk as National Province for SWE in AoR
- Set the Khanates (CHG, KZK, NOG, SIB, UZB) to Land 10
- Regraded new DAN leader Otto Krumpen to rank 2
- Added three new SAV leaders
- Changed Karl XI to be a SWE leader from the age of 16, not 4!
- Corrected TUR leader Kara Mustapha to live 1676-1683
- Added Mughal governors as BGL "monarchs" to cover historical Mughal period for benefit of Bengal players
- Changed weak UZB monarchs to excellent ministers, as they really ruled in the 1750s
- Made Susquehanna Lenape culture and make Savannah Creek culture
- Changed climate of Walata in Africa from snow to Tropical
- Corrected galley setting for some Mediterranean provinces
- Change random "English pirates" event from invalid province # 1389 to -1 (random province)
- Add Anspach as a Minimum Province for GER, as it was only listed as a capital.
- Added Samarkand to TOX, Granada to ALM, Würzburg to FRC, and Toubkal to NAF; these are all necessary to make the nations contiguous
- Change capitals of SAV and NAV revolters to historically correct provinces, Piedmonte 404 and Bearn 425 respectively
- Add straits graphic between Jylland - Sjæland and Sjæland - Skåne to match actual terrain
- Add text to POR Meuthen Agreement action names to make clear the player will become a vassal of ENG in Option A
- Renamed Ural River to Ob and Irtych Rivers
- Scottish provinces except for the Highlands are now anglo-saxon culture in the 18th century.
- England no longer has the gaelic culture in 1773 and 1795.
- Correct dates for Duque de Alba and Gustav III.
- Monarchs for Polotsk should now work properly.
- Added a blockable strait between Strathclyde and Ulster.
- Added a blockable strait between Gibraltar and Tangiers.
- Added a blockable strait between Calais and Kent.
- Kexholm is now orthodox in the early scenarios.
- Gave KNI core on Malta when they get it from SPA, and remove their core on Rhodes if they choose to become SPA vassals
- Removed Maranhao from BRZ revolter to make its territory contiguous
- Added fortress and bailiff to Finnmark in 1600 and all later scenarios (as they are there in the 1492 scenario)
- Up populations of misc Spanish colonies from ~700 to 1,000 in later scenarios
- All nations designated Whiteman = 100 in Fantasia scenario
- Added in historical Spanish King Luis I who reigned for 9 months in 1724, when he died and his father (the previous monarch) ruled again
- Correct mine values for 3 provinces.
- Add port to Algarve (Sagres) and change city name to the correct capital, Faro
- Remove port from Emilia (as there were and are none there)
- Added in about 30 leaders for HEL (Switzerland)
- Correct BAE entry in revolt.txt
- Point MOS to RUS tactics info file info in Age of Exploration
- Added the Azores to the POR ToT territory
- Added Meath to known provinces for Austria in 1617.
- Fixed adjacency for Karelia.
- Added Provence to HRE.


- Correct triggers on "build a great palace" random events
- Changed effect of SCO #John Knox and the Religious Strife# event to implement Reformed religion, not Protestant
- Added {exists = FRA} trigger to ENG #The Bank Restriction Act# event, as historically it required an anti-French coalition to exist
- Added "exists = ENG" trigger to FRA #Eden Agreement# event
- Fix ENG, FRA, HAB and SPA #Dutch Nobility Demand Estates# events
- # Jean Parisot de la Valette now gives a fort at Malta, not a random province.
- Triggers for the Great Palace event fixed.
- Removed #St:Petersburg# event 3424 as being already triggered in AoEn, to allow historical move to St.P.
- Corrected triggers of #The Dutch Revolt is successful!# events to point to correct "Repatriation of the Netherlands" event of each nation, rather than to the BUR version that they all point to now.
- Moved DAN event #The Regency of J.H.E. Bernstorff# to 16 Jan to match history
- Corrected dates in #Sir Francis Walsingham# event and #Sir Thomas Gresham's Currency Reform# event
- Corrected #Jean Parisot de la Valette# event to give fortress in Capital, not Malta
- Changed duplicate EVENTNAME to EVENTHIST in several NIP events
- Changed option B of SWE #The Great Army Reorganization# event to give -1 VP instead of do nothing, as the empty tooltip confused players
- Correct action_c name from ACTIONNAME3386B to ACTIONNAME3386C in TUR #The Reforms of Kemankes (Kara Mustafa Pasha)# event
- Added trigger so that CYP has to be vassal of VEN for Venice to inherit it
- Changed HAN to CHIHAN culture in one Manchu event
- Spanish State Bankruptcy event 3164, dropped inflation hit from 15% to 10% as it has more severe effects now.
- Reduce size of Inflation hit in all events due to its worse effects now
- TUR "The 1st Celali Uprising" event 3370 added religion != shiite trigger
- TUR "The Great Naval Reform / Imperial Halic Shipyard" event 3367 added ownership of Thrace trigger.
- Restored "flagname" command to ENG Act of Union event
- Remove 478 Smyrna from conversion to Shiite in option C.
- "Turko-Persian Conflicts" event as it was Orthodox until the 1920s.


- Revised looks of ITA and HOL flags/shields.
- Revised icon positions slightly.
- Spellchecked a lot of stuff in the game.
- Changed to another internal directplay protocol to decrease latency.
- Changed the tag for Han culture to "chihan" to not confusing it internally with the tag for the country Hanover.
- Just peeking at religion sliders without changing will no longer cause revolt checks after the first change has been done.
- Improved checksum checking for multiplayer games.
- Moved straits definitions to a moddable file. mapadj_defs.csv
- Exported HRE, Spanish ToT & Portuguese ToT values to province.csv
- Added JUCD75_5_Anonymus (Gaudete), which was present but unused, to 15C music file

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