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Fan Made 'King's Quest IX' Project Saved

by Rainier on Dec. 11, 2005 @ 1:10 p.m. PST

Late September Phoenix Online Studios received a cease and desist order from Vivendi virtually killing the KQ IX project. After a few months of negotiations and an online petition to save the project, Vivendi has granted a fan license allowing to continue work, although the agreement demaned them to change the name from KQ IX: Every Cloak Has A Silver Lining will now be called The Silver Lining.

King's Quest is Sierra On-Line's flagship series of adventure games, designed by the award-winning Roberta Williams. It centers on the adventures of the royal family of the Kingdom of Daventry, and combines memorable characters, often mind-bending puzzles, great storylines, and fun gameplay. Most of the puzzles and many of the characters are inspired by myth and folklore, making the games easy to enjoy for anyone who plays them.

"After extensive evaluation, Vivendi Universal Games is pleased to announce that the fan developed trilogy project 'The Silver Lining' (previously known as King's Quest IX: Every Cloak Has A Silver Lining), based on characters from Sierra Entertainment's 'Kings Quest' series, has been given approval to continue development. We look forward to seeing the first of its three upcoming chapters, 'Shadows', completed soon."

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