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'EVE Online: Red Moon Rising' Launches Today

by Rainier on Dec. 14, 2005 @ 1:59 a.m. PST

CCP's free Red Moon Rising expansion will be deployed on Wednesday, 14 December. At 2000 GMT, Tranquility will be taken down. Due to the size of this deployment, we are estimating the update will take approximately 24 hours. In Red Moon Rising players will see new ships and features in Red Moon Rising created explicitly to augment warfare, boosting the adrenaline rush of action-packed PVP.

EVE Online: Red Moon Rising is the march towards an epic clash between the empires as the tentative peace presiding over the galaxy continues to slip away. Nations begin to conspire against one another, secretly preparing for the inevitable conflict that threatens to redefine the borderlines of EVE forever.

Some of the key features of this upgrade are:

  • Titans: The largest, most fearsome space faring battle vessels ever created
  • Carriers: Front line capital ships providing fighter coverage and support for fleets
  • Bloodlines: The addition of Asian bloodlines available to each of the races
  • COSMOS Constellation Expansion: Addition of constellation missions to Gallente and Amarr territories
  • Fighters: The main offensive and defensive weapon of the Carrier
  • Starbases and sovereignty: Additions of roles to improve control access of services and improved calculations of player-determined Sovereignty
  • Next-Generation Manufacturing & Research Facilities: Mass-manufacturing enabling and remote industry management.
  • Performance Optimizations: Optimizations to core systems to provide even better performance.
  • Mining Industry Upgrade: New equipment, ships and skills for miners
  • Combat Enhancements: Varied improvements to combat, enhanced defenses and configuration overhauls
  • Jettisoned Canister Flagging: Removing the contents of a jettisoned canister that is not your own will flag you as a thief
  • Drone Enhancements: New drone capabilities and improved performance
  • An Eye for an Eye: You are allowed to revenge the unlawful destruction of your ship
  • Tech II: 23 new Tech II ships, including destroyers, battlecruisers and mining barges
  • New Corporate Logos: Corporations have more options to create their own identity
  • NPC Changes: New NPC's featuring elite ships with advanced capabilities such as cap draining
  • UI Improvements: Need info from Hagen.
  • Full Unicode Client: The EVE client now supports any language in the universe

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