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Dusk2Dawn Brings 'Shadow Vault' To The UK

by Rainier on Dec. 14, 2005 @ 3:50 a.m. PST

Dusk2Dawn announced today it has signed Mayhem's strategy RPG Shadow Vault for UK distribution. Set during a violent time in Earth’s alternate history, battle the forces of the Contingent government through 20 different levels featuring over 30 unique characters and units or go against human opponents in 10 multiplayer levels over LAN or internet.

The game's storyline begins in the year 2095, where the world's powers have joined into one mighty contingent. Pollution, war and power have consumed the Earth and mankind is now nearing its sad end. There will be no winners in the world of 2095, only a global population that will suffer 'till the very end.

The greedy contingent formulates a plan to use a time portal that will transport an army back to 1958, providing them with the opportunity to gain even more power and hopefully a brighter future – to rule the Earth again!

Known as the Children of the Contingent, their arrival back in 1958 is marked with a nuclear missile, fired from a mothership in orbit, aiming to take out the largest of the world's superpowers. 4 billion people died in that attack.

20-Years of war ensued as the contingent marched across the lands, taking control of whatever lay in its path. Only the newly formed Alliance of Mankind can stand in their way.

The game takes the scenario of a post apocalyptic war and sends the player back in history to an alternative past, where the alliance of mankind struggle to defeat their children's children.

"With the absence of Fallout 3, turn-based combat fans have been starved of a good replacement," said Neil Cotton, Managing Director of Dusk2Dawn Interactive Limited. "Until now, that is. Shadow Vault, whilst more tactical and serious in it's engrossing nuclear war theatre storyline, lets players get to grips with both the defending alliance and the evil contingent.

"The excellent AI, huge missions and potential for street level skirmishes will make very interesting battles."

Role playing elements allow players to upgrade their characters stats and completing bonus mission objectives provide rewards that even out the playing field a little.

"Retailing at £19.99, it represents excellent value," added Cotton. "The addition of LAN and Internet based war will provide even greater longevity."

Shadow Vault is the third title in a line of many games that are currently being signed, which will see D2D build a strong catalogue of classic and memorable games.

Key Features:

  • 21 Strategic missions
  • 30 Units and characters
  • 40 Different actions
  • Bonus objectives in each scenario
  • RPG-esque upgradeable characters
  • Advanced AI
  • Highly tactical warfare gameplay
  • Intriguing storyline
  • LAN and Internet multiplayer
  • Good diversity of character classes

Due out April 2006 for the PC (PC CD-ROM) for the UK & Ireland.

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