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'Broken Sword 4' Now Known As 'Broken Sword: The Angel of Death'

by Rainier on Dec. 2, 2005 @ 8:34 a.m. PST

THQ today announced that the fourth installment of the epic Broken Sword series of games will be entitled Broken Sword: The Angel of Death. Created by Revolution Software, this latest epic adventure is due to launch on PC and is expected to hit stores around the world in summer 2006.

In Broken Sword: The Angel of Death, gamers once again take the role of unwitting hero George Stobbart as he investigates dark secrets from a long-forgotten history. Uncovering a nefarious plot reignites an age-old rivalry between the world's most powerful factions, and exposes a secret that they have secretly fought over for millennia. A secret that will ultimately lead George's latest adventure to a painful and bitter conclusion.

"The Broken Sword franchise has long been at the forefront of conspiracy theory gaming," said Mickey Torode, senior global brand manager, THQ Inc. "With the considerable resurgence of interest in this field over the last few years, we're excited to be able to continue expanding the Broken Sword franchise, and deliver another gripping tale of secret plots, daring deeds and high adventure."

"Broken Sword is renowned for its gripping stories and intelligent, considered puzzles," said Charles Cecil, managing director, Revolution Software. "Broken Sword: The Angel of Death has been designed from the puzzle upwards to create the most compelling, challenging gameplay as well as deliver an enthralling story that will appeal to both fans of the genre and newcomers alike."

The greatest bastion of true adventure gaming, Broken Sword: The Angel Of Death sees unwitting hero George Stobbart fall in love with the mysterious and beautiful Anna Maria. Her untimely and mysterious disappearance draws him into a desperate race against time to find an ancient artifact capable of immense destruction. The only lead George has is an antiquated manuscript rumoured to have inexplicable links to mfkzt, a mythical substance that has been forgotten for over two thousand years. Unfortunately for George, it looks like the world needs saving one more time.

Visit the official Broken Sword: The Angel of Death website.

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