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SimBin Licenses New Technology For Racing Titles

by Rainier on Dec. 2, 2005 @ 9:01 a.m. PST

SimBin and MoTeC announced they will be integrating real life racing technology into the racing game genre. MoTeC is specialising in the design and development of world class engine management and data acquisition systems for race cars.

The part that is new and especially interesting about this deal is that for the future, SimBin and MoTeC will together integrate more of real racing telemetry functions into the next generation consoles. The general idea is to let people swap and exchange files on their consoles, where all data can be compared and recreated in the game, and that people will use this to analyse their driving techniques and help their friends improve by swapping these files. New is also that SimBin for future PC productions will be using a new Interpreter software release from MoTeC, which contains a lot of news and a new graphical design, more user friendly but yet functional. This will soon be released by MoTeC.

This is yet another step in connecting real racing with game productions, all in the spirit of the core message for SimBin's racing game genre - "Get Real".

"We are very exited to take this next step together with MoTeC, the partnership has grown during these years as the concept of SimBin to make racing games more real and tie real racing more into games is a major focus. It is of course very thankful to hear not only from gamers enjoying these in-game features first seen in GTR but also from the real teams and racing engineers that actually use our games for tests that in the end effect their settings on their real cars, with this we know that SimBin is contributing with something to both the gamers and the racing teams", explains Johan Roos, CMO at SimBin.

The new agreement will provide SimBin with the exclusive rights to use the MoTeC technology and software within game productions and will secure that the development on this area is taken care of in SimBin manners, thoroughly and highly detailed or not at all. MoTeC Director Tony Whitfort is just as excited: " After an enormous success with the inclusion of MoTeC Interpreter into GTR, we are truly excited for the future and the great opportunity we now face of bringing MoTeC to the next generation of consoles. We are also very excited about our recently released next generation data analysis software called "i2" which SimBin will be including in their upcoming PC productions. This software provides a significant step forward in data analysis capabilities and usability that will add more value to SimBin game buyers."

Within the racing teams as well, people are looking forward to this new development. " As a racing engineer I am personally very interested in how games like GTR and its sequels can be used for tests now
and in the future. I work for team Gruppe M Racing on two Porsche 996 GT3 RS cars racing in the FIA GT, already with GTR the telemetry functionality combined with the very accurate game is an incredible tool for us in testing different setups and analysing the effects in-game before applying this on the real cars. Testing sessions is a major cost for any racing team and with games as GTR used in the right way we can definitely cut costs," says Adam DeBorre, Race Engineer from GM Racing Services Ltd (Team Gruppe M Racing in the FIA GT series).

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