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'Future Killer' Announced

by Rainier on Dec. 6, 2005 @ 10:03 a.m. PST

Future Killer is an FPS taking place in a futuristic earth setting; you are the only survivor of a failed genetic experiment. The experiments were developed by the government to produce work clones in an attempt to build a New Earth as their means of escaping a dying world from alien invasion. The engine being used for the game is being kept under wraps until further development.

Throughout time, Mankind has looked to its motherland earth as a means of survival by the use of its natural resources. As time has progressed, the greed of the nations' inhabitants has nearly depleted all of earth's natural resources. In the year 2070, the modern world government has turned to space, and has set in motion the construction of a new planet called New Earth. The construction of this new planet is a means of escape and survival of the human race, before earth's resources have run dry. Alongside of the new planet's construction, the government secretly engineered a new breed of humans labeled N.B.H.s. After thousands of studies and experiments, the government was able to this new breed of human which they could control by removing the brain tissue that gives humans the instinct to rebel. After successful creation of the N.B.H.s, they began to colonize the new planet as its construction had progressed.

The year is now 2081, and government officials have issued a statement to the press that earth's natural resources have been exhausted. During the broadcast of the worldwide statement, a dark shadow began overlapping the earth's surface and the world began to shake. Out of nowhere, alien craft appeared and attacked earth without warning.

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