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Legend Studios Cancels Deal With Strategy First

by Judy on Feb. 14, 2005 @ 3:22 a.m. PST

Legend Studios today announced that Canadian Publisher Strategy First has lost the rights to publish and distribute the Real Time Strategy game War Times developed by Legend Studios. Read more for details ..

Strategy First Inc. breached the Software Publishing and Distribution Agreement signed by both companies in April 2003 in several points, the more important was the payment of guaranteed royalties. After the written notice of termination of the agreement and the completion of the sell-of period of the product, Strategy First Inc. seems to continues to sell and distribute our real time strategy game War Times in North American market.

During the following months of the North American release of War Times, Legend Studios continued the developing and improving of War Times but due to Strategy First Inc’s lack of payment, those new features were never released as a patch for the North American version of the game, reserving them for the new european version named War Times: European Frontline. This was published in several european countries and is ready to be released in new territories.

Legend Studios were forced to stop all tech and Internet gaming support for the North American version of the game until the possible cure of the situation, but the expected solution never arrived. Now, eight months later after the termination of our contract, Strategy First Inc. is about to release a less than twenty dollars game pack named 6+1 Combat pack, that illegally includes War Times, an outdated version of the game which has no tech, faked cdkeys or Internet gaming support.

“We are really worried about this situation because it seems this company has no respect for small developers and what’s more important, for customers. They don’t really care what is inside the boxes of their games and they don’t doubt to release a non-authoried copy of our product that is not fully operative to keep earning money” says Francisco Perez, Associated Director of Legend Studios SL. “Our situation with Strategy First Inc. since the release of War Times in March 2004 is really horrible, we have not receive a single sales report, payments for royalties and they practically have not fulfilled a single point in our agreement”

Strategy First Inc. filled for bankruptcy protection in August 2004 and they are using this situation to continue exploting their past catalog of games and selling the rights to games they don’t own to foreign countries.

Legend Studios Sl, is preparing the procedure to take legal actions against Strategy First Inc. for the unauthorized
publishing and distribution of copyrighted material and all game royalties generated by the game that never have been satisfied.

War Times: European Frontline Features

  • Real Time Strategy game with Resources gathering
  • Axis and Allied campaigns with 32 missions replaying real acts of the Second World War
  • New Full 3d engine with night and day cycle and lighting effects
  • 4 different nations to choose from: Germany, USA, USSR and Great Britain, each of them with exclusive units, buildings and tech-trees.
  • More than 80 different units and 70 structures to build
  • Multiplayer mode over lan and Internet up to 14 players
  • Battle on the ground, sea and air.
  • Map Editor included

For more information on the game, visit

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