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'GTR: FIA GT Racing' Fully Supports TrackIR 3

by Judy on Feb. 16, 2005 @ 8:32 a.m. PST

10tacle Studios and SimBin Development Team AB are pleased to announce that the coming international release of GTR – FIA GT Racing Game, will include complete support for TrackIR 3 with Vector Expansion. Oregon-based NaturalPoint Inc.'s TrackIR 3 with Vector Expansion is a high-performance head tracking system that is the standard by which 3D view control is measured. This small, easy to use device makes your GT car cockpit come to life.

What makes the GTR implementation of Vector Expansion so revolutionary is the ability to manipulate the 3D environment in all six degrees, also known as "six degrees of freedom" or "6DOF". As the driver you can now move your virtual head just like your own head. With the TrackIR 3 you can move your monitor sight from left to right, up and down, simply by turning your head.

With Vector Expansion this feature has been taken to the next level so the gamer can lean left/right, slide forward/backward, raise or lower the head and even tilt it to any angle. This will give everyone the racing advantage needed to be the winner. Lap times will improve and there will be far fewer crashes due to the increased situational awareness that Vector Expansion offers. Until now, leaning into the turn or looking around the steering wheel had been impossible in a racing simulation. By bringing TrackIR 3 with Vector Expansion and GTR together, every race enthusiast get the most satisfying and realistic sim-racing experience possible. You will encounter situational awareness like never before, have view control like never before and with GTR you will race like never before!

"Coming from the racing simulation community as fanatics ourselves, we know what features the hardcore racer wants to see and as a company, we are committed to fulfilling the wish lists of racers everywhere", says Ian Bell, Head of Studio/Creative Director, from SimBin Development Team.

To learn more about TrackIR and Vector Expansion visit or for further information.

GTR - FIA GT Racing Game will be available next month and hit the shelves in Europe on the 11th of March!

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