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Bungie Co-Founder Joins Spectrum MediaWorks

by Judy on Feb. 16, 2005 @ 3:59 p.m. PST

Spectrum MediaWorks today announced that Bungie co-founder Alexander Seropian has joined Jim Banister and Bradford Scherick's management team to lead the company's programming development and strategic cross-media initiatives.

Seropian founded Bungie Software, creators of the Halo franchise, one of the world's most successful game franchises and one of the all-time top-selling Xbox titles, and commonly considered a primary driving force behind the explosive growth of Xbox as a platform.

Spectrum develops original projects, and assists clients in developing or extending brands across media verticals. The company's programming technique is strategically designed to address the distributed dynamics of the modern media audience; and equally applicable to a television network or a Fortune 500 company that seeks to directly leverage this new, empowered audience.

"Spectrum will serve as a proactive link between the game industry, internet and the television industries, extending brands from one to the other," said Alexander Seropian, Spectrum MediaWorks. "Though television production companies have been slow to capitalize on it, today's audience has no trouble moving from one medium to another, and Spectrum's team of experts are poised to pioneer programming that works equally well as a television show, digital game and in web & wireless. We feel Spectrum has the recipe for harnessing this audience to our advantage, and to the advantage of our clients."

Spectrum's executives draw from their success in the electronic games, television and technology communities to develop and produce entertainment designed to simultaneously succeed on different media platforms, including television, games and networked media (web, wireless, etc).

Spectrum holds that engaging audiences is not the exclusive realm of entertainment companies. All companies are media companies and intrinsically reliant on the use of print, audio, video, or any number of means of digital expression to engage its customer base. Networked media are now the most common and direct way to engage any type of audience, and Spectrum MediaWorks helps diverse institutions, commercial or otherwise, use networked media to capture and nurture this Consumer 2.0, matching programming to their behavior, maximizing their time with a single brand, and consequently, maximizing revenue.

"The proliferation of the internet has empowered a new breed of audience, and they're breaking out of the role of simple consumer – that is, viewer, listener, player," said Managing Director Jim Banister. "Modern audiences are acting as creators, producers, distributors, marketers and vendors in addition to being consumers. Understanding how to employ this new 'Consumer 2.0' is crucial to success in contemporary digital media, especially networked media, and represents one of the primary philosophies behind Spectrum MediaWorks."

Banister is the former Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice President of Warner Brothers' New Media division and author of "Word of Mouse: The New Age of Networked Media" (Agate, 2004).

Already partnered with Banister at Spectrum is Bradford Scherick, a pioneer in the integration of entertainment and emerging media technologies. Scherick previously worked at Warner Bros., where he headed the department which developed the cutting edge programming that helped Warner Bros. become an early leader in networked media. Scherick has also been an executive at media technology companies as well as a film and television producer.

Before being sold to Microsoft in 2000, Seropian's Bungie Software was a leading independent creator of video games, developing some of the most celebrated adventure game franchises ever, including Marathon, Myth and Oni. Seropian continues to exploit his game production prowess through his newly-formed Wideload Games.

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