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'America's Army: Special Forces' - v2.3 Update & Patch Available NOW

by Judy on Feb. 18, 2005 @ 12:09 p.m. PST

The US Army has released a new updated version for America's Army: Special Forces (Firefight). This upgrade brings their team-based multiplayer game to v 2.3 and includes two new multiplayer missions (Urban Assault and Woodland Outpost), a new Tournament Mode, a new Server Manager, security enhancements, etc. Read more for details and download links ...

Get the America's Army v2.2.1 -> v2.3 [Win] Off Worthplaying (60mb)

Get the America's Army v2.3 Off Worthplaying (790mb)

What's new (Overview)

  • 2 new multiplayer missions: Urban Assault and Woodland Outpost.
  • All new Tournament Mode providing full support for America's Army competitive gaming.
  • The America's Army Server Manager: A new application which provides an easy user-friendly interface for configuring, launching, and monitoring your America's Army game server (LAN, Internet, and Tournaments).
  • Many new security enhancements and protections integrated into the game (client, server, and back-end).

Please see below for more detailed descriptions of the new v2.3 features.

NOTE: If this AA version was patched to v2.3.0 from v2.2.1, you must run the 'AASM 1-0 Setup.exe' file to install the America's Army Server Manager application. This file can be found in the root 'America's Army' directory.

What's new (Detail)

New Multiplayer Missions

Included in this version of America's Army are two new multiplayer missions. Both of these new missions were designed with our new Tournament Mode in mind in terms of map balance, objectives, and quick action. These two missions are also the first Infantry and Ranger missions since 'Mountain Pass SE' in v1.9.0.

  • Woodland Outpost:
    • Enemy forces have established a remote woodland outpost from which to launch reconnaissance patrols and conduct ambushes. This guerilla outpost rests in a valley surrounded by rocky woodland terrain. The enemy command tent is centrally located within the camp. A squad from the 75th Ranger Regiment must perform reconnaissance of the area in order to identify the location of the guerilla command tent. Once identified, they must then assault the command post to prep and destroy the enemy weapons depot.
  • Urban Assault:
    • A coalition convoy was raided and the cargo was stolen. It has been confirmed that the insurgents and the cargo are based in a residential area of the city. Due to the dense urban nature of the area it will be necessary to do a house by house assault on foot. A squad from the 172nd Sep. Infantry BDE must conduct an assault to take and hold objectives cargo ALPHA and BRAVO. Once objectives are captured wait for arrival of friendly reinforcements to transport cargo.

New Tournament Mode

Version 2.3.0 of America's Army features an all new tournament server mode. This new Tournament Mode was designed to provide a new user-friendly system for configuring and facilitating America's Army tournaments and competitive team matches.

Within the America's Army community there are over 650 organized teams (often called `clans') , each of whom prides themselves on how they play the game as an organized group, rather than as individuals. Head-to-Head competitive gameplay is central to the team experience. Conducting America's Army Tournaments, by LAN and over the Internet, has become the means of furthering team identity and esprit de corps.

America's Army Tournament Mode will provide teams, individual server administrators, and third-party gaming organizations (like TWL, CAL and CPL) with simple yet flexible tools for creating and managing Tournaments. All tools will be accessible through a combination of in-game graphical user interface (GUI) and an external Server Management Application (AASM).

Throughout this README file, we will be using the
following acronyms:

TM - Tournament Mode
TA - Tournament Administrator
TC - Team Captain
GUI - Graphical User Interface
AASM - America's Army Server Manager

NOTE 1: Please see the Tournament Mode Guide included in the game installation for further details and instructions.

NOTE 2: It is suggested to use the new America's Army Server Manager (AASM) for setting up and configuring your tournament.

The new features of 'America's Army Tournament Mode' are described in detail below:

Security Enhancements

This version of America's Army contains several security enhancements designed to help ensure that America's Army is enjoyed on a level playing field. 'Fairplay' is very important to everyone on the America's Army Project Team.

Several security enhancements/protections in this version were developed not only in the game client and server but also in the Authentication DB (back-end) as well.

Most of the details of our new security enhancements will not be listed for the public domain. However, the following 'exploits/cheats' have been fixed:

1. The 'Rapid-fire 203 round' exploit
2. The 'CPU Speed' exploit
3. The 'Name Change' exploit
4. The 'HONOR Hack'
5. The 'Unofficial Honor Gaining Server' exploit
...and many more.

A change was also made to not allow players to join a game server until their PunkBuster software is up to date. Players will be allowed to spectate from a fixed viewpoint until their PunkBuster updates (typically in under two minutes) and while they are spectating they are alerted to the fact that PunkBuster is still trying to authorize or update itself.

The America's Army development team is committed to keeping our game as cheat/exploit free as possible. We will be continuing to make security enhancements in every release. We want to thank the community for their patience and support as we 'keep up the good fight.'

Known Issues

  • As an Administrator on a server in Tournament Mode, it may be necessary to hit the F2 key twice to refresh the drop down team select menu on the Roster page.

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