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Havok Will Introduce New Physics Engine At GDC 2005

by Judy on Feb. 23, 2005 @ 2:06 a.m. PST

Havok today announced that it will be revealing Havok Complete 3, its integrated middleware solution at an exclusive launch event during the 2005 Game Developer Conference (GDC 2005). Havok Complete 3 features the latest release of Havok's flagship product, Havok Physics 3, combined with Havok's newest product, Havok Animation 3.

Together, Havok Physics and Havok Animation represent a powerful and flexible game-play solution that can be integrated within a broad range of game architectures and pipelines. Havok Complete 3 is fully optimized for current generation game platforms but has been designed to meet the needs of game developers working on next generation game platforms.

  • Havok Physics 3 - Extends Havok Physics, critically acclaimed for its recent use many of the industry's top selling video games including Bungie's Halo 2 and Valve's Half-Life 2. Havok Physics 3 introduces Continuous Physics, an innovation that dramatically reduces game production time by eliminating "bullet-through-paper" problems that stem from high-velocity game objects.
  • Havok Animation 3 - Provides a rich set of general purpose run-time animation capabilities, including animation compression / decompression, blending, inverse-kinematics, and tight integration with Havok Physics 3. Havok Animation includes an integrated export, filtering, and preview tool chain that operates seamlessly with commercial modeling and animation tools.
  • Havok Complete 3 - Combines the power of Havok Physics and Havok Animation to enable next-generation game-play by blending physical, key-frame, and procedural animations simultaneously in the game to provide state of the art dynamic character performances.

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