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'Rainbow Six: Lockdown' (PS2/Xbox/PC) - Multiplayer Details & Screens

by Judy on Feb. 24, 2005 @ 10:33 a.m. PST

In this new episode, you lead Team Rainbow, the world's most elite counter-terrorist unit, as they are called into action and unfamiliar territory to battle a bioterrorist threat. Stakes escalate as they are personally targeted by an evil terrorist organization. Used to protecting the lives of others, Team Rainbow must now embark on a mission to fight and save some of their own.

In Rivalry Mode for the PlayStation 2, Team Rainbow battles it out against the Mercenary team in pulse-pounding head-to-head competition. The team to complete the most objectives before time runs out wins the match. Objectives include rescuing or capturing hostages, disarming or detonating bombs, hacking into computers or securing them to protect valuable information. Players will use the multiplayer weapons and equipment in Rivalry Mode to add additional layers of strategy. Available for up to16 players through a Local Area Network or online at, Rivalry Mode guarantees players intense, close-quarter combat and action-packed gameplay.

In Persistent Elite Creation Mode (P.E.C.) for Xbox Live, players will become deeply immersed in the Rainbow Six Lockdown multiplayer experience. As found in Massive Multiplayer Online games, P.E.C. allows players to create and shape their own persistent characters. Each character is unique with definite strengths and weaknesses. With four different classes to choose from, skills are level based so the higher the level of the character, the more skills that player will gain access to, which are all combat related. The four classes are:


The Commando is the assault class of the game. It is the only class with access to heavy weapons and heavy armor. The commando is designed to take down the enemy by pure, brute force. If he has a motto, it's "Peace through superior firepower." The Commando also has access to the ballistic shield, which protects him from direct incoming fire and is the only class with access to the OICW assault rifle.

Combat Medic:

The Combat medic is either the healer or the silent killer, depending on the player's preference. The medic can help his team by healing them, giving them adrenaline boosts or setting up field clinics at specific points of the map. He can also take the enemy head-on using his gun or nerve gas, which is unique to this class. The nerve gas is a versatile weapon that can either be used for directly killing enemies caught in the gas cloud, or as a temporary block to passages and/or rooms. Nerve gas is more powerful than teargas -- not even gasmasks offer full protection from its hazardous effects.

Spec Op:

The Spec Op is the stealth class of the game. He relies more on speed and accuracy versus power. A Spec Op's motto would be "Move like a butterfly, sting like a bee," or "One shot, one kill." The Spec Op is the only class that can utilize the knife and the sniper rifle. Tools like the PDA allow the character to hack surveillance cameras to see what is going on in remote areas. The Spec Op also has advanced heat sensors that enhances thermal vision, making it easier to spot enemies. Other tools, like the sensory jammer, help to keep the Spec Op hidden from prying enemy eyes.


The Engineer is the support class. He can help the team by opening remote doors, delay the enemy by placing explosives, or he can cover them using his deployable gun turret. The turret can only be deployed at specific points of the map. He can also place traps, quickly defuse explosives or place firewalls on computers and machines to slow down enemy progress. The engineer can also affect the layout of the map by operating certain doors or machines using the electronic key card to block paths and open new routes for the team.

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