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'SpinDrive Ping Pong' (PS2) - Screens

by Judy on Feb. 7, 2005 @ 8:31 a.m. PST

SpinDrive Ping Pong's puts players at the heart of realistic game play in which you battle your opponents for the top ranking title. SpinDrive Ping Pong's fast-paced, exciting and realistic Ping Pong matches can be played in three different modes: "Tournament Mode" puts you in a competitive knockout competition, "Rally Mode" lets you enjoy a thrilling rally and in "Exhibition Mode", you can start a single match straight away!


  • Super-realistic ball spinning system – enabling players to take control of the ball-spinning and enjoy developing their skills
  • Very fast learning curve – players can learn advanced Ping Pong skills in no time at all
  • Exciting and eye-popping spectacular smash shots!
  • Each player has a 'special shot' such as speedball, fast-spinning ball or disappearing ball.
  • Fantastic recovery shot! – just when you thought you couldn't reach the ball, a slo-mo cinematic effect kicks in and gives you an opportunity to return the ball.

"SPIN DRIVE PING PONG has been developed specifically to join the xplosiv portfolio. This is the first Ping Pong title for the European market and has a highly regarded sporting manufacturer license, Butterfly; commented Jo Fawell, Product Manager for Xplosiv. 'At a great price of only £9.99 this title is great value for money'.

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