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Asheron's Call 2: Legions

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Turbine
Developer: Turbine
Release Date: May 4, 2005

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Codemasters Brings 'Asheron's Call' Expansions to Europe - Screens

by Rainier on March 23, 2005 @ 2:21 a.m. PST

Asheron’'s Call 2: Legions is an expansion to Turbine's online massively multiplayer fantasy RPG Asheron’'s Call 2: Fallen Kings. In the world of Dereth, a new continent has been discovered – along with an ominous new evil that threatens to consume the entire land and everything within it.

Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny is the second major expansion for the classic MMO, boasting a 5-year heritage and an overhauled visual engine, making the game more immersive than ever.

An epic storyline pits players against the encroaching menace of the Viamontians, a new race bent on conquering Dereth. In the battle to defeat these would-be rulers, the people of Dereth uncover new depths, players experience a massive story line and participate in a bitter struggle for power.

With new weapons, armour, rare items and quests, there's also a new high-level play system that rewards players with skill credits. Players can also now choose to play Asheron's Call as the warlike Viamontians and explore their unique archipelago in the North of Dereth.

Asheron's Call 2: Legions is the long-awaited expansion to the award-winning MMO fantasy RPG, Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings.

In this extensive update, join thousands of players to uncover the secrets of the mystical, once-mighty magical Empyrean race. In the world of Dereth, a massive new continent has been discovered – along with an ominous new evil that threatens to consume the entire world and everything within it.

Challenging players to expand their world, decode ancient mysteries and aim for new levels of power with a new Hero System, Asheron's Call 2: Legions is a classic tale of mystery and discovery, as the mystical Empyrean's return to rediscover their lost purpose and their immense powers.

The two expansions for Turbine's fantasy epic services, Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny and Asheron's Call 2: Legions, will launch in Europe in May for PC and retail at £19.99 RRP each.



  • Graphics Upgrade: Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny features a substantial upgrade of Turbine's first generation graphics engine, The Turbine Engine®. The game will upgrade to DX9 and add 5,000 repainted textures. As a result, Throne of Destiny will have dramatically enhanced texture sizes, resulting in more detailed characters, creatures and landscapes.
  • New Playable Race: Players can now choose to play Asheron's Call as a warlike Viamontian, which have long been the scourge of the nations of Ispar. The Viamontians' bids for continental domination have finally resulted in a rapidly expanding kingdom under the leadership of King Varicci. Along with the new race, players will discover and explore a unique archipelago in the North of Dereth, which is held by the Viamontians.
  • Raised Level Cap: Throne of Destiny challenges elder players in Dereth with a new high level cap of 275. With the new level cap comes skill credits to activate precious gems that augment their characters, such as extra carrying pack storage slots and lesser death penalties.
  • Rare Items: Adventurers in Dereth will occasionally come across advantageous rare items that are scattered across the land. Some of the items are transitory and may be used only once, while others are eternal and may be used over and over again. However, players will lose the precious rare items should their characters meet their demise.
  • Throne of Destiny will include all of the massive amounts of content from the original Asheron's Call, its first expansion pack, Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty®, and all of the episodic updates that Turbine has provided since the game's launch.



  • New Playable Race: Gamers can assume the identity of mystical Empyreans, a long lost race of suspicious magic users cast out of Dereth for their own protection against the deadly insectoid Olthoi. Emerging from a thousand years of hiding, the Empyreans desire nothing more than to discover their lost heritage and regain the powers that once made them one of the most powerful races in the land. This fully playable race is complete with more than a hundred new skills, unique armor and new prestige classes.
  • Massive New Continent: Along with the exciting and mystifying new Empyreans race, gamers will explore the vast and imposing lost continent of Knorr, which lays in ruin from unspeakable events long forgotten, providing players with secrets and surprises at every turn. As adventurers traverse the innovative diverse landscape, they will encounter new terrifying monsters, combat ancient evils and unlock the past to Asheron himself.
  • Innovative Hero System: High level players will reach new levels of heroism in ways never before seen in Asheron's Call 2 with a radical Hero System that rewards glory in battle with new abilities, skills and combat tactics. Players will earn hero skill credits from level 50 and beyond, with which they can buy new abilities and become even more powerful. Heroes can also bond together to combine their new powers – wreaking untold havoc on even the most dominant foes.
  • Asheron's Call 2: Legions will include in this massive expansion, the original Asheron's Call 2 and content from more than 20 episodic updates that Turbine has provided to existing players since launch.

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