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'Star Fox Assault' (NGC) Gets European Release Date

by Rainier on March 24, 2005 @ 11:26 a.m. PST

Hunters beware! Woodland animals, such as the common fox, are armed and ready to fight back-and you'll need to bring more than a few hounds to this hunt! Star Fox Assault puts players in the middle of a fierce intergalactic battle, fought over land, air and space. Star Fox Assault launches across Europe for the GameCube on 29th April 2005.

Fans of the series will remember the revolutionary original Star Fox on the Super NES as one of the first titles to ever use three-dimensional graphics for its action-packed gameplay. Since then the series has gone from strength to strength, attracting a huge international following. Star Fox Assault sees the return to the intense and exciting space battles which made this series world famous.

Star Fox Assault takes place several years after the team successfully averted disaster on the Dinosaur planet. Lylat Command has received news of a new threat to the galaxy and the Star Fox team is immediately dispatched to investigate and eliminate the threat. As they progress, the mystery unravels to reveal a plot more sinister than the team has faced before.....

Players take control of team leader Fox McCloud, with characters Slippy, Peppy, Falco and new member Krystal to back him up. Players fly Arwing fighters through vividly animated worlds, ranging from firey magma planets, to frozen tundras and vast worlds made up entirely of water. Each world is filled with danger and enemies to overcome, giving players no respite from start to finish. If this isn't enough, players also get to take part in vast battles between armadas of huge space ships. Players use the manoeuvrable Arwings to fly in between and even through the larger ships, barrel rolling to avoid enemy fire and using their blasters to mow down every enemy ship in sight! Fox can even take to the ground on some levels, exploring the terrain on foot or in the heavily armoured Landmaster tank.

In addition, Star Fox Assault can also let you settle old grudges with your mates! Up to four players can battle it out in a selection of specially designed arenas. After choosing a vehicle of choice, gamers engage in heated battles against the clock. The player with the most 'kills' when the timer runs out is declared the winner.

Star Fox Assault gives you an entire galaxy to explore from the comfort of your living room. It launches across Europe only for the Nintendo GameCube on 29th April 2005 and is available at the estimated retail price of around 60 Euros.

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