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'Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball' (PS2) Announced

by Rainier on March 30, 2005 @ 2:47 p.m. PST

Capcom today announced Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball for the PS2. Forget all you think you know about pinball – it’s not just about flippers and bumpers anymore! Flipnic redefines the pinball experience as players go on a wild journey through surrealistic 3D environments and encounter outrageous gameplay variations that must be seen to be believed.

Flipnic will test the reflexes of any pinball wizard as they flip, bump and bounce through more than 100 missions of fast-paced, addictive pinball action. In addition tothe main single player mode, Flipnic also includes four head-to-head multiplayer games for competitive challenges.

Flipnic includes the following features:

  • Full use of the PlayStation 2 hardware’s capabilities results in stunning graphics and special effects
  • Players tilt, tumble and whirl through five distinctively themed main environments, each with several variations:
    • Biology – a living, breathing rainforest complete with waterfalls, hippos, lush trees and more
    • Metallurgy – a futuristic vision of shiny metal and reflective surfaces
    • Optics – a throwback to the funky retro disco lounges of yore with blacklights and bright neon streams
    • Geometry – an old school flat 2D level with geometric shapes galore
    • Theology – special battles that appear between each stage in the original game mode
  • More than 70 different areas in total over the five tables
  • The game features more than 100 missions in all to offer a variety of addictive challenges
  • A plethora of game options:
    • Original game – main single player mode with stages played in order, unlocking new ones along the way
    • Free play – play each stage separately to earn high scores in either score attack or time attack modes
    • Two player mini games:
  • Foosball striker – move bumpers up and down on the field to get the ball into the other player’s goal
  • Basketball 1-on-1 – use flippers to get as many balls into the goal as possible
  • Vs. Bagatelle – control flippers and bumpers to get the ball over to the other player’s side
  • Triple paddle – bounce pinballs off paddles to aim for your opponent’s goal
  • Special table features
    • Coins – shoot pinballs over coins scattered around the playfield to maximize the size of the special jackpot prize and earn chances to win extra plays
    • Jump – ability to jump the ball adds extra dimension to gameplay, allowing players to grab coins around the stage
    • Lanes – these special paths are gateways to different areas of a table
    • Multi-ball – complete specific mission objectives to get up to five game balls in play for added mayhem!
    • Jackpot – rack up coins and hit the right spots to earn a jackpot that will hike up the score points
  • Customizable control configurations
  • Training movies explain rules and techniques

The game carries an “E” rating for everyone from the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) and Capcom plans to release the title for North America this summer.

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