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'Twisted Metal: Head-On' (PSP) - 7 New Screens

by Judy on March 4, 2005 @ 4:05 p.m. PST

Twisted Metal: Head-On, developed Incognito Entertainment, hits the road this spring, allowing gamers to take destruction anywhere, anytime. Featuring new gameplay designs, multiplayer modes via wireless connectivity and Mini-Game bonus levels, Twisted Metal: Head-On provides a wide variety of gameplay options for gamers on the go.

Supporting up to six players via wireless multiplayer connectivity, gamers can go head-to-head or compete against the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deliver the devastation as they strap themselves into one of 14 lethal machines on wheels equipped with machine guns, turbo boosts and special attacks unique to each vehicle. Once a vehicle is selected, gamers can take their road rage out on opponents in 12 unworldly destructible arenas filled with numerous items of chaos including rockets, missiles and more in an array of fully customizable multiplayer modes. Twisted Metal: Head-On provides all the fast-paced vehicular combat and destruction that fans of the franchise have come to know and love, only now, gamers can take destruction anywhere, anytime.

Available Arenas :

  • BIG BLUE STADIUM -- Play Ball! What better way to annihilate the competition than in a stadium filled with fierce competitors?
  • LOS ANGELES -- Welcome to Smog Central. Don't let the busy freeways trigger your road rage - your opponents will do that for you.
  • PARIS -- Romance is in the air…as wwell as numerous missiles, rockets and napalm.
  • EGYPT -- The great pyramids of Egypt await you, just be careful not to be entombed in them.
  • ROMAN RUINS -- The historic site of great gladiators now makes home to Twisted warriors.
  • RUSSIA -- You'll be seeing red as you enjoy the surroundings of the Kremlin wall and Red Square.
  • GREECE -- Take a cruise to the relaxing Greek Isles…just don't sink the ship that took you there.
  • MOONACO -- Start your engines and bring chaos to a famed racetrack in Monte Carlo.
  • TOKYO STREETS -- Chaos hits the busy streets and bright lights of Tokyo.
  • TOKYO ROOFTOPS -- Fear of heights? Reckless drivers might want to be a bit more careful.


  • Modes of Play
    • Challenge – Drivers choose their vehicle, arena, AI controlled enemies, then go off to battle.
    • Story Mode – Drivers choose their vehicle and progress through a series of arenas.
    • Endurance – Drivers take on an endless onslaught of AI controlled opponents until the end.
    • Bonus Mini-Games – Discover Bonus Teleports that expand the Twisted Metal gaming experience with a variety of mini-games ranging from a Shooting Gallery to Survival Race.
    • Multiplayer Mode – Gamers can compete against up to six friends and/or foes in head-to-head play via wireless multiplayer connectivity.
      • Ad Hoc Mode – Allows two or more PSP systems to communicate directly with each other via Wi-Fi connectivity for regional/local multiplayer gameplay.
      • Infrastructure Mode – Allows gamers to link to a network via a wireless local area network (WLAN) access point for multiplayer gameplay across the nation.
  • Vehicles – Choose from 14 different vehicles including: Twister, Crimson, Mr. Grimm, Spectre, Outlaw 2, Roadkill, Grasshopper, Thumper, Shadow, Axel, Hammerhead, Sweet Tooth, Warthog and Mr. Slam. Each vehicle is armed with serious firepower, turbo boost and each with a unique devastating specialty attack.
  • Environments / Battlegrounds – Unleash mayhem in 12 wide-open arenas based on locations across the globe including: Big Blue Stadium, Los Angeles, Paris, Egypt, Roman Ruins, Russia, Greece, Monaco, Tokyo Streets and Tokyo Rooftops.
  • Weapons – Collect an arsenal of weaponry to deliver explosive attacks on opponent vehicles, such as: homing, fire and power missiles, machine gun, ricochet disc, napalm, remote bomb and swarm missiles.
  • Upgrade Power-Ups – Finish off opponents and collect Upgrade Power-Ups to enhance vehicle and weapon performance.

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