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'Take Command 1861: 1st Bull Run' - v1.1 Patch & SDK Available NOW

by Rainier on April 1, 2005 @ 5:04 p.m. PST

Take Command 1861: 1st Bull Run uses the weapons, strategies, and tactics of the Civil War without limiting game play to the actual battles of the era. This v1.1 patch adds a new map (The Battle of Morgan Hill), 1024x768 support, and a ton of improvements, bug & crash fixes. A v1.1 SDK to make your own scenarios is also available (thanks 3DGamers). Read more for download links ...

Get the Take Command 1861 Trailer off WP (500kb/16mb)

Patch Version 1.1

Highlighted Features:

1. We now support 1024x768 resolution.
2. Added a new map, "The Battle of Morgan Hill."

Keystroke Additions:

1 - Turn Take Command on for every unit under your command
2 - Turn Take Command off for every unit under your command

CWBR.ini File Changes:

1. Support for 1024x768 - only allowed by editing the ini file as follows:


2. Support modding the fail grades and weather for open play as follows:

Fail Army=-1500
Fail Corp=-1000
Fail Divn=-750
Fail Brig=-500
Fail Regi=-100

3. Keep all the dead flag as follows:

All Dead=1

CSV file changes:

Inserted column D "CAPT CLASS" - this is the class to use when this unit is captured. Only works for artillery.

Column G used to called "Use Road", it wasn't being used. It is now called "Keep Formation". This means that this formation will not switch into column while moving.

No major change here, just a warning. If you have a column called "Rate of Fire" towards the end, it should not be there. We've cleaned up our files, modders should clean up theirs.

All Changes:

1. The artillery will now fire at an engaged enemy, previously we had disabled this to prevent friendly fire possibilities.
2. There are fewer victory sites in open play battles; this will allow the units to become engaged more quickly by the AI.
3. Fixed a bug where the cavalry was charging from very long distances.
4. Artillery and their horses will now try to get themselves in the right order.
5. Fixed the deadbods.csv files in the Sherman and Jackson scenarios; these were causing crashes on some machines when trying to reload saved games.
6. Fixed the score display in open play; digits were getting cut off.
7. Fixed Beauregard (div) scenario to include control over Jackson & Cocke.
8. Replaced the current artillery and explosion sounds with the correct sounds files.
9. Fixed the leader wandering off away from his command and getting killed. While this may still happen in some cases, it is greatly reduced.
10. Made the fail grade moddable for open play and lowered the defaults.
11. Stopped skirmishers from adopting column to move. Changed the definition of a column in formation.csv.
12. Decreased the score that's required to advance to Army Commander from 5000 to 4000.
13. Changed 1st MD (CSA) guns to M1841 Mississippi rifles.
14. Put a flag next to the tutorials on the 1st BR screen so that they don't look like headings.
15. Added the keep all dead flag in the ini file.
16. Deleted the rate of fire column from all units.csv files
17. Added an ini column to change the weather for open play
18. Fixed the march_art4 sound. It's referenced in unitcommon.csv, but it does not exist
19. Used grayscale as the terrain to make sure that all of the river boundaries are completely out of the water.
20. Added ini values to support screen resolution of 1024X768.
21. Removed the road column button, changed to brigade skirmish.
22. Added an all brig double quick button.
23. Made the letters on the compass more readable.
24. Added keystroke for take command of everyone. 1 turns TC on, and 2 turns TC off.
25. Fixed the bug where infantry was trying to capture artillery forever.
26. Fixed Advance and Fallback when TC'd.
27. Removed retreat/routed units from counting for vp sites.
28. Added new map Battle of Morgan Hill.
29. Made a low resolution version of Morgan Hill.
30. Added a map verify routine.
31. Fixed the word strength on the OOB screen.
32. Fixed the number of men used to capture artillery on the OOB Screen.
33. Fixed unitcommon.csv to include a dismounted CAV flagbearer instead of one on horseback.
34. Evans Scenario: made Bartow advance further and double-quick the last leg of his march; decreased the VP hold time by 5 min; decreased VP radius to 100yds.
35. Lowered the Fail grade of ALL scenarios.
36. Changed the "assistant" typo in all units files for General Jordan.
37. Added a TC Button on ammo wagons.
38. Added brigade double-quick to brig toolbars, including cavalry.
39. Fixed a missing line for Union cavalry (MajorPalmer) in which some officers did NOT show the correct rank on the toolbar.
40. In the units.csv file the name of the 27th Pennsylvania (under Blenker) has too many n's in it. And it's identified as the 27th_NY, the same ID NAME as Porter's 27th New York.
41. Beauregard Scenario: dropped the hold time for Buck Hill back to 15min; fixed the cheat with having Early and other reinforcements visible early and subject to control by the human player.
42. Fixed the move speed for arty officers to match the speeds of the arty so thay should remain closer together.
43. Made Brigade Cavalry leaders able to make all subordinate units dbl quick.
44. Bearuregard: Fixed the appearance and path of Early.
45. Bearuregard: changed the FailGrade to 700 (cuz it's darkest before the dawn).
46. Replaced the unused event in division tutorial.
47. Fixed the move speed for cav officers to match the speeds of the cavalry; they should remain closer to one another.
48. Fixed the bug whereby if you were playing army or corps, they would automatically respond to reinforcement requests.
49. Fixed the bug whereby arty or cav would not retreat after limbering or mounting.
50. Captured artillery will now switch uniforms/toolbars; added a new column to unitcommon.csv for a captured class.
51. Added new fail grades for Tyler and Longstreet.
52. Fixed a bug whereby arty officers could not be detached.
53. Fixed a bug whereby lists scrolled on the OOB remained scrolled when switching OOBs
54. Fixed a bug where trees and men would not show up on machines with integrated graphics chips.

Take Command 1861 - 1st Bull Run SDK v1.11

Copyright 2004 MadMinute Games Inc & TM or R as indicated.
All rights reserved. Used under authorization.
MadMinute Games, the MadMinute Games logo, Take Command, and War3D are trademarks of MadMinute Games Inc.


Have fun, write your own scenarios, change just about everything in the game. You can't change the maps, we just didn't have time or the expertise to write a distributable tool to do that. You can use these tools to make your own game and you can distribute your own mmg files to whomever you please. You can't, of course, distribute the game or any of the game's content or tools.

We just didn't have time to do a decent job of documenting the extreme modding capabilities of the War3D engine. You'll just have to go to our site and find it there. Sorry about that.

You really can change just about everything in the game, it's all in csv files. These can be easily opened in almost any spreadsheet program.

The WarPack.exe utility will take your scenario and put it in one nice compressed file that you can post somewhere for other people to try out. These files go in the scenarios folder and show up on the Custom Scenarios screen.

What's included in this directory is all the source for all of our scenarios and our main files. Everything is driven by the .csv files. Nothing is hidden, you have the same power to create that we did.

You can really mess up the game with these files, so don't say you weren't warned. There's a bunch of error checking in the program and errors show up in the log, but not everything was caught, so expect some crashes as you get a hang of how to use these files.

We will be putting info up on the site and have a modder's forum, so the information will come, I promise.

Have Fun,

R. Norb Timpko Jr.
Coder War3D Engine

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